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Cgo3+ & q500 4k *how to* please

Jul 6, 2019
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Ceres California
Hi im new to the drone community and im decent at figuring wires and modifying electronics so i have the q500 4k it was given to me as an exchange for my jaguar s type when itd pcm fried, but anyway it was given to me with the cgo3+ everything is in working order but the cgo3 wont bind so i took both the drone and cam apart to see the mechanics and also to get an idea of its build and wire routing along with colors on each end of the connector trying to determine what is what. Alot i found online and fixed but how to wire the cgo3+ directly to the q500 is seemingly not possible. I know it can be done with a few lost capabilities but plz help me figure out how i can wire the transmitter(mk58 antenna) to the cgo3+ and connector under belly of drone specified for alternative camera connection purposes. Tried a few different ways using my knowledge of structured cabling and input /output transfer, but it get progressively hot and hummed a little like circuit boards do when there about to melt i didnt damage anything i caught the mistake soon enough to disconnect but i really need a permanent solution because its really no fun flying my in circles around myself because im scared to fly too high or too far without eyes in the sky. Again i dont have frequent flyer miles like the pros here so excise my inexperience and probly irritating question to the experienced individuals but i need your help. THANK YOU anything helps


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Oct 27, 2018
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North Carolina Piedmont, USA
Hi im new to the drone community and im decent at figuring wires and modifying electronics......... i need your help. THANK YOU anything helps

OK. You're kinda starting out in a bad place here. The equipment you listed are bits from various drones, They don't have much in common other than all are related to various Yuneec products. And at best, they don't work well together. There is also a possibility of misunderstanding exactly what equipment you have.
If you will upload pics of the drone, the camera, the power cable, and the controller, maybe we can at least get some partial functionality going.


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Mar 23, 2016
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Bavaria / Germany
You don't need the MK58. It is an WiFi Transmitter for cameras with analog output, especially for the GoPro2 or 3.

CGO3+ is the one for the Typhoon H and is able to turn around 360° endless. I'm not sure what happend if the signal for gimbal yaw is missing. Tilt should be compatible, hopefully. I did not tested this so far.

Howerver it is possible to bind the cam to the ST10 once it is powered on. You could use a modified CGO3 cable and use onlx Vcc, GND and PWM for the CGO3+.
CGO3+Power.jpg CGO3_Kabel2.JPG

Input voltage can be from 4S LiPo as well as from 3S LiPo accu.

br HE

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