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Charging rates

May 3, 2016
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So with lots of people waiting for charging plugs, what rate will you be charging your H battery ?
I am getting Internal Resistance around 2.8 milliohms charging at Auto 1C from empty with my
Revolectric Powerlab 8 so looks like it has a high C rating from what I can understand.
I believe the capacity of the H battery is more like 6600 mAh
I am wondering what would be a safe max current to charge at without killing the batteries.
I can do more tests on the powerlab 8 if someone with more knowledge can guide me.
I have the PC interface.
At the moment with the original charger modified to enabled to connect your own charger I've only had it set for 5.8 amps but I'm sure they could go a lot higher but I'm not in that bigger rush and its a vast improvement over using the standard charger times, once the charge plugs become available I will probably parallel charge them.
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I'm charging at 6.5 amps. Just a hair over 1C. You may be able to push it faster. I'm content to use this rate and let others experiment with the higher C charges.

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