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Coming back to the fold

Jan 16, 2016
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Way back years ago I was a pilot and flew many hundreds of hours in several different planes, but the expense just got out of hand, and I had to give up. So what to do? Two years ago I found drones. The old model aeroplanes did not do much for me, and helicopters were and still are impossible for my limited abilities .

I admit I bought a quad from a make of another name which I will not mention on this forum, as it might be considered heresy, but it was a total disaster and after many attempts it just would not fly sensibly. In desperation I sent it back for examination and was accused of causing the problem by opening it up etc etc. It was duly returned supposedly fixed. No it's wasn't. I got rid of it and left the scene,
Now I am back, as the virus is still in my blood .

Result, I am very impressed with the q500+pro. But there a few questions. That I hope some kind people on here will answer.

But a bit more about me. Actually I am a snow bird Brit, my wife is American and we spend about half the year here. In Florida and the rest on an island in the Irish Sea called the Isle of Man, \

I have read all I can about this quad and it seems there are some downers to it.
I am totally into photography and will only use this quad for that purpose, never to throw it around the sky .

I have monocular vision, lost an eye in 1962, (that tells you about just how old I am) but it never bothered me, but now my wife is my spotter and I fly FPV to hopefully get the shots I want. So, part 1, there is a delay on screen which I am told could cause a crash, so what is the lead? 1 second or more . I can counter this I think in post editing , using the Ken Burns effects and zooming in for close work without being too close in the air .
Part 2. I see that the video streaming can be lost for up to 10 seconds at a time. Is this correct? So if it happens would I just let everything go sticks centred and let the quad hover in place until streaming returns?

I think this will do as an introduction, and hope that there will be answers to these questions.

Best to all out there


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