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Customer service gone for Q500 owners

Jun 28, 2016
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Bought my 4K 12/12/2015. Just received my 5th free one. Crashes as soon as the new one arrives. Telemetry from all 5 Q500 crashes and video proves it was all equipment failure. Yuneec admitted all 5 times they sent me a new machine which I no longer care to own. Now after them having it in repair facility for 6 of the 7 months since I bought it they tell me it is out of warranty even tho it was not pilot error. I have had it for 3 weeks in my possession. A total of 10 minutes worth of video. So don't assume all crashes are pilot error. I've been flying the real thing since 1978 and I know pilot error when it happens. I am not throwing good money after bad. I would not send them another penny after this fiasco. I will get my $2,000 back in court and hopefully I save some/one of you the aggravation. I will gladly return the case, the 4 batteries I never got to use, the Wizard, hand held shooter, special charger etc for my hard earned money. I am not paying for Yuneec's learning curve. That should be their cost of doing business. Their famous customer service went out the door for Q500 owners once the H came out. Very bad . . . very sad. My Q500 sim flies great? Would like my money back for that also.
If you been flying the real thing since 1978 I for one sure am glad I don't fly with you as you seem to have some very bad luck :)
My two year old Q500 has been flying perfectly everytime I take it out.
I know there are lemons made every day but you seem to have the whole *** bag of lemons
Hmmm.....got 5 new birds and customer service sucks. I think you need to buy a Phantom.
So you received a 5th free one or a repaired one?
I find it hard to believe 5 out of 5 units are duds.

Btw, what is the REAL one? I don't think there have been any full size or even RC quadcopters available back in 1978.

Smells a bit like trolly BS!
I feel as though dji has infiltrated this forum with this nonsense and is trying to get yuneec flyers who know better to come over to the dark side.

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