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Does anyone fly a Typhoon H (480) with the ST16S?


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Oct 27, 2018
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North Carolina Piedmont, USA
I'm trying to get my foot out of my mouth. I made a post that it could not be done, but then was presented with some good information from a member who has flown an H520 by loading the H520 firmware on the ST16 normally used for an H480. So I'm trying to go the other way. I loaded ST16 (H480) firmware on an ST16S normally used to fly an HPlus. It loads fine. It looks normal. It will bind to both the H480 and the CG03+, move the camera around, show a picture, acquire satellites, start motors and I even let them spin them up a little. But that's all I've done. There's only about a million other things that need to work right, and I have not tried any of them. I did not find any previous discussions on this. It is dark, cold and raining here now, and I'd rather hear it from someone who has already tried it anyway. Or done it and uses it all the time.

Hence the question. "Has anyone ever flown a Typhoon H 480 by loading ST16 firmware onto an ST16S controller?"
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Sep 5, 2018
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Matthews, North Carolina
I know it's been a while since WTFDproject raised the question, but I picked up an "extra" ST16S controller yesterday that was loaded with FlightMode2.0. It worked well with one of my H Plus's. I decided to load Flightmode for the H480 on the controller without making any other changes. It worked fine, binding to the drone and the camera. I took a short flight then which went well. I did a more extensive test flight today with my "backup" H480. Everything worked well. Save for trying Follow Me and CCC flights, everything worked as it should including Home Mode. The only other interesting fact is that you can't delete the auto load feature for Flightmode, so it always loads the H480 controller. It you load both FlightMode2.0 and the DataPilot for the H520 you can select which program to run at startup. I don't fly either using that loading option, but it probably would be safe to do so. I just don't want to take any chances with my H520's.

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