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Drones Expensive Hobby ???

Dec 19, 2015
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Like any hobby the longer you are in it the more its going to coast you.
I have been flying for about fourteen month now.Started with a small quad.
a holly stone for about $35.00.First thing I needed was more batteries around $10.00. So $45.00 having a blast. Now I wanted to try something
different.So I went to the hobby shop and got a Dromida Ominus.$80.00
Great little quad.This is the one that got me hook.I learn to fly in my back yard
with trees.I broke three props,two frames.Burn out four motors. needed three
more batteries and another charger.Total around $80.00 Well worth it!
Now I happen to go back to the hobby shop again and the sales man for Yuneec
walks in with this new Typhoon 4k and let me fly it. Now I have to have it. save
up for it $1300.00 and got it. I did not like the inters of the case so I had to get a
better one $100.00 Oh I had to get two more batteries $200.Now it takes a long time
to charge these so I get a better charger Hitect $200. A soldering station $35.
A flight range antenna $150. I also got a mini protox $30. and a case for it $10.
And my first quad broke so I had to get another $35. I did have some family member
give me two mini,and 1 helicopter.So fourteen month later Around $2000.00
Seven drones I am having a blast !!!
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Sounds you like have a serious drone problem! :) You may also want to invest in the yuneec sim USb dongle. that way if the weather sucks or or your Q is in the shop you can still get your fix on the simulator! Not quite as good as the real thing, but it is helping with my withdrawal symptoms ! :)
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Is that all? Only $2000... lightweight! :D
I bet I have that into just my P2NV or dang close to it. I too have 7 UAV's in my 'nest'.
It aint easy stayin breezy! :)
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I have 3 drones in my display cabinet. two single blade ectric heli, in which i was not good at. soo I am happy with my drone, and got my relaxation from it while in the air taking pictures. it is my retirement activity hobby.
Yeah, it's easy to get out of control with this hobby. I started in Dec 2014 with a tiny micro drone then learned how to "actually fly" with a Blade 180 quadcopter. While learning how to fly I started building various sizes of diy multicopters; a 300 size tricopter, a 270 Robocat, a 550 hexacopter and a Y650 Scorpion. It's been a huge learning curve figuring out how to program flight controllers in mission planner. Building my own really helped me realize how complex these things are and that has helped me appreciate my Typhoon 4k and how well all of its systems work together. None of my other drones are as stable and easy to fly!
Been flying for 14 years. You don't want to know what that budget look like....
25 planes 6 heli's and six quads later and don't forget the trailer to haul the stuff:0
All hobbies require an investment, and some are more expensive and/or healthy than others. It's all relative. I have a friend who him and his son used to race midgets. 10's of thousands of $s. Some people's hobby is sitting in a bar all day, pick up a D.U.I. Bam 10+K and nothing to show for it.
The Christmas before last, my wife gave me a little Husban 107c and I became hooked. So this last December after much research enter the yuneec Q500 4k.
So lets see where I am at so far In Dollars with this Q500.

Q500 4k RTF w/case & 2 batteies it was on sale + they paid the sales tax $1,100.00 out the door. $1,100.00 32+64 gig micro sd cards. $45.00
Ultra-power duo UP120AC Charger & ec3 cables $135.00
Third battery. $107.00
Lipo bags (2) and ammo box. $40.00
Backpack case. $110.00
Batteries (8) AA rechargeable & charger for steady grip. $40.00
7" lg tablet for steady grip. $180.00
Aero-naut props. $45.00
Nvidia 8" tablet to play 4k content for micro sd card and HDMI standard to mini cable. $225.00
Custom skin for body. $32.00
Marco Polo tracking system. (just in case) $230.00
Signal booster (rex uav) ultimate for yuneec. $320.00
lens cover. $13.00
Compass. $3.00
Total so far............................................................................................................................................................................$2,625.00
4-K TV, In my case Lg Oled 55" eg9500 (great TV) $2,900.00
Honestly all that is needed is just the RTF Q500 sd card And rechargeable AAs and you would be fine, it all depends how far you want to take it.
My business is Koi ponds and I have seen people drop 5k and up on a fish. As I said, it's all relative.
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you can not put a price on happiness and the old saying still holds true
fly safe and have fun , life is not a trial run we only get one try at it .
I like that saying. 'He who dies with most toys wins'. Specially if you grow up in the Philippines where you make your own push and pull toy out milk and sardine cans make a paper plane and kites, because you can not afford to buy. I am glad i went to school and able to come USA as a RN now my dreams are full filled.
In my "reality" this hobby isn't too bad. Its probably one of my less expensive hobbies.

Maybe my advanced age has something to do with it, but that saying; "He who dies with the most toys wins" ... I've never considered owning the most toys as winning. Personally, I own what I want that makes me happy and enjoy this life regardless if its one or more toys. I don't see owning this or that as a contest. Feels too much like keeping up with the Jones. YMMV...
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well just added a mini night flyer with 4 battery.Plus a hand
cart for my Yuneec,and a blanket. Total around $140. and now
I am looking at skins for the Yuneec. $2200. and climbing.
Well had a crash today.I need a new body,landing gear and
some props.about $140. total $2350. and climbing

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