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Erratic flight behavior today

May 28, 2016
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Fairhope, Alabama
Was out flying this morning and my H had 19 sats and when i pressed the red button to start the props I noticed that it didnt spin up. Pressed the red button again for 5 seconds and actually started to spin. I was on angle mode and all switches were in there correct posn. Never had it take that long to turn on. After it spun up I took off and leveled out then it started acting erratic floating around and not stable. I tried to correct but it got worse. It ended up flying backwards by itself into some bushes and one of the props broke. Its been so stable with at least 7 previous flights and then today totally unstable. This was in the back yard of my parents home in a different location then previous so I am assuming it was interferrence? I did do two flights in their front yard with no issues, even flying up to 200'. They do have lots of trees and wifi prevelent so i am assuming thats what is causing it. Its kind of disappointing to know that if someone wants to film/fly around there house that the bird can go erractic and possibly crash. Is there anything that can correct this?
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Hmmm, I think the only thing you can do is ensure you fly in an environment that is less constrained by its surroundings, meaning less wifi floating around, less obstacles, etc. I assume your parents house isn't hundreds of miles from where you did a compass calibration.

Maybe in the future if you notice its not behaving "normally" maybe "reboot" both the controller and bird and see if it makes a difference, if not, maybe not fly... But I know I'd have done what you did and attempt to fly...

Did you check the Kp index before you flew? I've flown when the Kp index was high and I had a problem with my Q500, where it was going to auger in, but somehow managed to right itself. My buddy flew the same day, same location and almost had his crash... Just another thing to check. I don't fly unless conditions are ideal. No picture or video is worth me losing my "H", well maybe if it involves saving a human life, then I'd risk it.

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