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Everything you may want to know about GPS signals and GNSS

Oct 27, 2021
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GPS signals and how they help with many things in our daily lives.

For many users of this drone forum, we know that satellites in the sky aid our drones in flight. Most of us, are OK with just knowing that bit of info. But, in your searches for problems with your drone... you might have come across words like GPS Almanac or ephemerides and wondered why is it that you should put the drone outside, with battery installed, turn it and the controller "ON", and just let them sit there for 20 minutes or more. And, it's also a very good idea to do this several times a year if you do not fly your drone often or travel with your drone over large distances. The other interesting thing is how little info( if any at all) is actually put into the Yuneec manuals about this task.
While searching the web for info on GPS systems I came across an "online" study course of GPS from Penn State U. I will say that it will not fix your drone if it's broke. Nor, will it make you a better flyer of drones... you simply need to practice more. But, a number of people on this forum will find that this indepth study course contains a wealth of useful info. You do not have to follow the course outline and can freely skip to parts that interest you the most. The right hand side of each page contains links to skip around the subject matter. I think that it will be a good reference source for those interested about GPS.
You can find it here...
Mar 12, 2021
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Styria, Austria
Wow! Thanks a lot. Im exactly searching for this. And you are so right in all ways. Most people are just fine with having GPS and refuse to understand anything about it. But when you go to Drone Mapping and want to achive CM-Accurancy there are a lot of things to know. And as you said...YUNEEC doesnt help much

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