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EXMAPS can't read H telemetry

May 2, 2016
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Ontario, Canada
Has anyone noticed since the new firmware update that exmaps
doesn't read the file properly.
Gives me a "corrupt line#0" and also "cartesian required"
Can the CSV be converted to a space delimited Excel file? If so, will ExMaps read that?
Since the update, the header line has changed slightly, so if Exmaps was relying on the old format, it won't work. The rest of the data is the same though.

Also I've noticed that if you are having trouble setting your clock, the telemetry files may end up with invalid (or out of sequence) timestamps. It looks like the ST-16 picks up the time from the GPS controller (my guess), so when you start flying you can get a minute or so in and the time 'resets' to GPS time + whatever zone it thinks you're in. For people currently in 'summer time' zones, that's probably an hour wrong. It also means that your telemetry jumps by an hour, which will confuse software trying to read it.

My advice is - don't fight the clock. It's a firmware bug so it's easiest just to live with a clock that's slightly wrong and wait for the next update to fix it.
So nobody has a Typhoon H telemetry CVS file with the new update to zip up and upload for us to play with?
Just a FYI if you don't use the program I linked to and you try to upload just the non converted CSV this is what you get as a return from Exmaps. :)
Screenshot 2016-07-25 09.09.29.png
Hey Chilcotin That looks like a real cool place to fly. Had now idea where it was so I googled it and what a nice place.

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