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Firmware Update Lesson Learned

Mar 2, 2016
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In case any of you run into this!:
I update the H and then the ST16, not a single issue in that.
Couldn't get camera to connect. As posted earlier, I fiquired out that we need to rebind the ST16 and the camera, and Walla, camera and correct lights ! , So went to bed and waited to fly today before dark when it cooled down.
Took my H to favorite spot and went to calibrate the H as I always do after a full update.
But I could not get the darn thing to calibrate, everything was connected, Purple light a flashing in Angle mode, but I noticed I only had 3 satellites in the place I always have gotten 14-16, and anything less than 8, you will not be able to calibrate your compass.
So I went to another hot satellite spot, same thing but at least I had 10, but everytime I tapped Compass Calibrate, I could not get the just two led's to lite, and if I keep tapping, it would vibrate and give me a statement that GPS has been lost , fly carefully with care!.
****, I tried and tried, same thing. I could not start my H and I could not Calibrate compass!. After moving around a bit I was able to get 13 satellites and after tapping compass calibrate 3-4 times, I was finally to get the two led's to be on and complete the compass calibration and thus start the H!
Moral of this story after my firmware update;
1) Everything loaded fine, but could not start and fly because no satellites,
2) No satellites no compass calibration.
3) To calibrate compass you need 10 or more satellites.
4). Needed to calibrate to get normal numbers of satellites, so damned all the way around.

Find a spot with plenty satellites to perform a good compass calibration ! After CC i had the normal 14-16 satellites, some a good calibration does make a world of a difference !

Oh! Brandon at Yuneec USA is a weasel!, Called him a half our before they closed today, said to go to another place and call him and he would help me once I got there and had satellites. Got there and called him and was 10 minutes before they closed and they had the Answering Machine one ! What a weasel, he sent me on a wild goose hunt, just to get his *** off the phone and out of work!
Wow, what an ordeal. Glad you got it all sorted out. I called Yuneec late yesterday and got the same treatment. They were not happy to assist and pretty much told me to do it myself. I'm sure everyone is stressed over there but I hope things improve. At least we can talk to people, I suppose.
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Yeap ! I think that most guys on this forum can spin circles around Yuneec customer service, and know more about the H than they do! Sad, but true!:(
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