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Foam Case Cover Storage Options

Jun 20, 2016
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Until I decide on a permanent carry/storage option for my "H", ( their "new" back pack, or a hard case) I was looking at ways to improve the storage in the foam insert that is included. I got tired of the fabric bags and loose items having to be moved to get at the "H". I also like having everything in a specific place, as it makes it easer to check that all accessories are packed. Looking at the cover, it appears that Yuneec had some thoughts on straps for retaining items, but did not implement it. Notice the roughly 3/4" indentations in key locations.

IMG_2658.JPG .

First thing is propeller storage, notice the slots to the left in the picture, eight props fit nicely in that spot.


Add some Velcro and props are secure. I used screws in the foam, but some kind of glue might work.


Small spot that had box with SD card and USB cable can be used for wizard water proof bag. The strap needs to be stored separately.


Spot on opposite side can be used for the power cable, USB cable, extra props in a bag and the wizard arm band.


A third strap is required to keep the wizard and power cable from falling out. Make sure you leave the clearance for the folded arm .

The two extra propellers will stay put while flying if you put them on this side.


I purchased one yard of 3/4" Velcro at a fabric store and used most of it. I used pan head sheet metal screws I had at home through the velcro. I avoided the thinner top foam except by the props, where one screw barely sticks out of the top. attach screws through the thicker sides I do not know what kind of glue is safe with this foam. Everything has stayed in place through several outings.

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