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going on 3rd

Jun 16, 2016
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first i am new to this forum, second my third copter is in route as we speak ,the first two are now swimming in the deep and really wish to find out the cause , the first one i am sure it was swicth to follow mode and took off the boat my stupid mistake. now the second i was in the marina and flew two batteries well when the fist battery was close i set it down turned of the st10 and it started to take off hopped and went up to about 10 feet and returned to home , used it later in the day did all the checks and re-calibrated went to go for lift off and was going to hover as i normally do, it took off and kept going into the ocean i could not regain control or anything . stupid me didnt have the sd card in i will next time .. thanks in advance for thoughts
If this is the Typhoon H you don't need a sd card in the controller to record telemetry. It is recorded on the internal memory. I suggest you stay with land based flying until you are confident in your skills and the airworthiness of the machine. Flying over water is frequently a one way trip.
i would be more open to your thoughts and comments , however it is not my first time doing so i have at least a few hundred hours flying time , so i am very comfortable doing so , i am also confident in the drone as it hasnt failed me befoe that is why i am comfortable in the airworthiness.
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