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GoPro Gimbal will not tilt

Jun 19, 2016
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Hi guys, I wish my first post on here would have been under better circumstances, however I'm tearing my hair out right now and I just can't figure out what is wrong with my gimbal.

On my first ever flight with the Typhoon G I noticed that the Gimbal wasn't reacting to my slider wheel inputs when I wanted to tilt the GoPro down. I brought it in to land and turned the Typhoon off and back on again. This time, because the tilt slider had been left all the way down, the Gimbal fired up and indeed tilted the GoPro down towards the ground... I tilted it back up using the slider and all was good, I carried on with the flight no issues.

This then happened on my second flight a few days later. The gimbal does indeed keep the GoPro stabilised but wouldn't react to my tilt commands from the tx... power off and back on... it works fine for the rest of the flight.

Today was the 3rd flight and it happened once again, however this time no matter how many times I powered down and back up the Typhoon the gimbal simply will not react to the tilt commands from the ST10+ transmitter slider.

The Typhoon is on 1.07 FW and the ST10+ has been updated to the latest version from the Yuneec website.

Any help would be very gratefully received.
Sorry, just to add to my original post...

The Gimbal works perfectly fine on the steady grip system, the tilt wheel tilts the GoPro up and down perfectly.

This issue is just when it's attached to the Typhoon G itself.

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Did you try connecting the Typhoon to your computer and via GUI calibrate the gymbal? That may resolve your issue.
Yes I tried that, the gimbal on the Typhoon G is not configurable or calibratable by using the GUI. Only the gimbals with built in cameras have the ability to be calibrated through the GUI.

Anyway... just to update the issue:

I returned the whole typhoon g to the retailer who in turn sent it off to Yuneec Europe.

They confirmed it was faulty and authorised a refund.

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