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GPS Trackers

Apr 15, 2016
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I am looking for a good GPS tracker to mount on my Q500 4k, any advice is appreciated.
Hi Bob,


I suggest you Flytrex live 3G with cable for Q500:
Flytrex Live 3G User Manual

It's more than a simple GPS tracker...:
  1. Flight Tracker - Advanced Last Seen tool not only lets you find lost aircraft, but helps you analyze flight characteristics and identify possible problems.
  2. Real time flight telemetry - See flight data with Google Maps display in real time with your personal Flight Channel, share real-time flight with other pilots and more.
  3. Logbook and Social - Flights are automatically logged in personal Flytrex profile. Analyze flights, personal records, complete challenges, compete with pilots worldwide and more.

You need a MicroSIM card and a GSM cell phone subscription for data...

Yuneec Q500 Typhoon GSM Tracker Installation - Flytrex Live 3G

You could use an extra 2S LiPo battery or the Q500 alimentation with a cable soldering.
Please note, you may lose the Yuneec guarantee if you make a weld by opening the body of the Typphoon Q500. For me an extra 2S LiPo battery is nice but you must find a place to fix it without compromising the flight stability of the Q500 and the charge and balance of LiPo battery have to be easy ;-)
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Go for the Marco.Polo,two mile range,uses the LoJack technology.I use them on all my quads,have never lost one yet.no subscription fees,rechargeable with well over several weeks of battery life,uses a hand held locater to track down your lost machine.
I have bought a Trackimo TRK100. Took about 20 minutes to set up. It found it self on the map in less than 3 minutes. Very easy to use. Thanks again for the advice.
My question is why use these devices, isn't the controller supplying all this info on the internal SD card
My question is why use these devices, isn't the controller supplying all this info on the internal SD card
If the controller loses comunication with the drone and you have a fly away it will only show you the last know position where it lost communication. Not where it came down or where it actually is. It could be far away form it's last position. I have the Trackimo 3G and it works great. You can attach it to anything or anyone. It will tell you the exact location of the object in real time. You can track it's movments. It can show you a 24 history of where the object has been, it can send you text alerts and a whole lot more.

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