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Has anyone modified battery case to accept Spectrum Smart batteries?

AH-64 D

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Aug 22, 2017
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Having crashed a lot of model airplanes by flying very old batteries that "seem" OK, I am switching over to Spectrum Smart batteries that log events and self-discharge to storage levels if not used within a day or so. The fact that I have been lucky flying my Yuneec camera drones with old batteries and not crashed has not escaped me. I have decided to cut open some of my Chroma, Q500 and Typhoon battery cases to adapt them to use Smart batteries that can be removed from the case for charging. Has anyone done this? I know of 3D-printed cases into which new batteries can be soldered but have not found any 3D-printed adaptors that allow removal of the battery for charging.
The Q500 and Typhoon H battery adapters sold on ebay look like they would do the job. Thanks. I did not see one for my Chroma. May have to improvise one for that.
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A drawback to the idea of using Smart batteries is their availability in an appropriate size. Just went on Ebay and bought a Typhoon H battery adapter. Then went shopping for Spectrum Smart batteries and found that the closest available size in 4s was 5000 MAh. Larger capacity Spectrum batteries are mostly 6s. Shucks.
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