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height drops

Nov 16, 2015
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i have my typhoon G for 3 weeks now and i love it
but i have problems with hovering ,the quad sinks 3 meters without any warning. in flight everything is fine.

Make sure you are on 1.07 firmware or higher.
Make sure you have a good GPS lock with a lot of satellites on both the controller and the bird.

Use the downloadable Typhoon G program to initiate accelerometer calibration.

Do your compass calibration.

Then just take it to a ball field and get it up 50 feet and let it hover and bring it down lower and see how it goes.

Mine only hovers badly if I have a low count of satellites.

Be careful landing it.
That is when it can tip over and break props.

Have it hover and catch one of the landing struts with your hand and quickly hit the red button to turn off the copter.

Be careful.
The props can cut your face or arms easy.
I actually flew mine around in a 10mph wind and no GPS.
With GPS even off I could hover fairly well and it did not drop at all.

I am betting a down current of wind just pushed your drone down.

Just like when you fly in a commercial plane and you hit a down draft and you really go down and feel it.

I would not really rationalize on an isolated incident but if you drop every time you fly then you
have a greater problem with the Typhoon G.

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