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Help with mid-flight full GPS loss... telemetry attached

Apr 3, 2020
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Yes it's me again, luckily I didn't have a fly away like last time. I have also purchased a used H (just body) that I've been having no issues with, so this is not tied to previous H with GPS problems.

Yesterdays event.... simply taking pictures and video for freshly paved residential new homes development, perfectly flat and clear cut... not an obstacle in site, all underground utilities, etc. Towards the end of my last flight, I get a message on the ST16 "GPS LOSS" (or something to that effect). I had full control of the H (with out GPS lock) and full video feed, unfortunately there was a slight breeze and I have no experience flying without GPS. I am happy to say that after fighting with it, I successfully grabbed it without a wreck. I know I looked like a fool trying to jump and grab it as it floated by, lol... stay tuned, i'll post the video of that soon.

Why me though, lol. Telemetry files are attached


  • 7-18 GPS loss flight log.zip
    21.1 MB · Views: 24

Steve Carr

Missed Approach
Staff member
Premium Pilot
Dec 15, 2015
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Bessemer, MI
A quick look at the telemetry shows the total time was 22 min. The battery voltage dropped to 13.9 at one point. It appears to have landed once and relaunched with the voltage near 14.2 volts.

The GPS appeared to be solid until the voltage dropped so low. It's possible that could be the reason. The GPS did go back to "True" near the end.
I would recommend flying again to see if the GPS is maintained, but land when the voltage is no lower than 14.6 volts. Strange things happen at low voltage including erratic flight behaviour. The aircraft may even suddenly shut down.

John Hennessy

Premium Pilot
Jun 26, 2017
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Hi All Members,
This is a prime example of why you should practice to fly the H without GPS, also fly it home not hit the RTH switch. Also don't run your batteries down so low, it will cause crazy flying but most of all will VERY QUICKLY WRECK YOUR BATTERIES. I have noticed that DJI are having problems with swelling of their Mavic and other small machines, because the owners are turning down the auto RTH and draining the battery down to 5 % and wonder why? Read about lipo battery care,it does not matter whether they are smart ones or not. If you miss use them you shorten their usefully life by a huge amount. Sorry for your problems REMedia but it looks like you are draining them TOO LOW.
Safe flying. Johnno Hennessy. Keep flying on the green side of the grass.

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