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How Hard Is It To Read The Screen....

Jun 5, 2016
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...of the controller.on a bright sunny day? i can barely read my iPhone when I'm out on the field on a bright sunny day. I'm considering a Typhhon H for the upcoming holiday season so I thought I'd ask.
You'll be able to see it but not clearly even with the sun shade, but better than your iPhone. The trick is to get yourself in between the sun and the controller. IMHO the ST16 is probably the best of the bunch in this respect.
The display is a 7" Android screen. It does not have any anti-glare properties. As such you/we have all the same issues of being able to see the display on a bright sunny day. The ST16 does come with a sun shade and some have been using an anti-glare film like that used on phones and tablets but that also comes with it's own issues of 'dulling' the screen.

I fine the best thing to do is to stand in nearby shadow of a tree or tent. There are also aftermarket sun shades that extend the length of the shield.
I find that you must be in a shaded area. I have an anti glare film. It helps.
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The ST16 is slightly above average to view in bright sun. If you film in early morning or later in the evening it is fantastic. If you film during the day with the sun overhead, you'll need to shade the screen.
For late afternoon flying, I always look for a nice tree with a large shadow spreading outwards on the east side. I get set up underneath, then walk out 10 meters or so to set the drone down and power up. Then I walk back to the shade and operate from there.

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