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How to reduce turtle speed

Any less would be hovering ! LOL ! Have you used the right, underneath slider? That controls speed between Rabbit and Turtle, but to just set it all the way down to Turtle , that is the slowest your going to get!
yes in fact my question is can I set up the speed (max and min) of the right underneath slider
I ended up with a drifting H due to the controller, I re-claibrated the ST16, each time it was almost impossible to get the two sliders back to their original values. However, even if the hardware monitor screen showed a not at the max or min, the H reached its max 45kph speed, but with the same misalignment in the hardware monitor screen the gimbal would be in different positions. Maybe posting in the forums where the ST12 and 10 are might yield better results ?
Oh, I mean to ask, I tried flying a CCC from a new one created from your site (Thanks)...The H flew perfectly to each waypoint, but the values set in the gimbal did not seem to execute, the camera and gimbal stayed looking forward all the time. I tried re-flying it in setting's for the pan and tilt switches but it still stayed looking forward. Am I missing something? Thanks for the great work...
Go search for this thread.
CCC Mode Camera Gimbal automation.
Several posts down one of the members explains what is going on.
It might not be exactly what you are looking for, but there appear to be 2 ways to get very slow and smooth movement. The first, turn off the GPS. I haven't tried it, but it is said to allow smooth movement with very small stick inputs.

The second is to use CCC. After setting a course, you can use the left stick to move forward and back on the course at an extreme crawl if you want.
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I'll look in the channel settings tonight (if I remember) to see how the rates are handled for the sliders. On a Pixhawk/Taranis it's simple but have only changed expo on the ST16. It should be able to change the end points.
The Turtle/Rabbit slider adjusts the response of the 4 stick (flight control) channels. You can check it in the channel settings. Down in the bottom center of the screen is the 'Final output monitor'. This shows the current value of whatever channel is currently selected on the right hand side of the screen. Thr, Ail, Ele, Rud are the first 4 listed under the 'Channel-Function(Output)' section. Default is channel 1 (Thr). It should read 50% since the throttle is in the middle. If you now move it full up, it should read 100% (in Rabbit mode, slider all the up/away from you). If you continue to hold the throttle full up and move the slider down to Turtle mode, you should see it move back to 80%. If you move the throttle full down, you'll see that the end point is 20% (Turtle mode) and 0% (Rabbit mode). So 0 - 100% in Rabbit mode and 20 - 80% in Turtle mode.
Here are my results for the channels:

Turtle mode
Thr 20% <> 80%
Ail -60% <> +60%
Ele -60% <> +60%
Rud -60% <> +60%

Rabbit mode
Thr 0% <> 100%
Ail -100% <> +100%
Ele -100% <> +100%
Rud -100% <> +100%

So basically 60% of range in Turtle mode vs 100% of range in Rabbit mode. And adjustable anywhere in-between. If you're familiar with the concept of dual rates, then this is basically the same with adjustability thrown in.
I haven't found a way to adjust how much the Turtle/Rabbit slider adjusts, but you can edit the endpoints of the 4 channels to increase/decrease the overall range of those channels individually.
Warning! The following involves changing the channel settings, so if you're not comfortable doing that, don't do it! Seriously, you can really mess things up. If you are OK with it, make sure you write down or take a picture of the default settings, since the reset button doesn't reset to factory settings, but instead resets to zero. :rolleyes:
For instance, I wanted more yaw authority, so I increased the Rudder channel endpoints to 150. Now when I move the Turtle/Rabbit slider, I get 90% - 150% instead of 60% - 100%. Still 40% change from Turtle to Rabbit mode, but just more of it. :cool:
Before you say it, yes, I'm aware that 150 - 90 = 60, but 40% of 150 is 60 o_O:D
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