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I predict it will crash on it's first flight... I'm an optimist... lol

I predict that it will work great, but then the FAA will ground it because it is an un-registered aircraft and they control all airspace from the earth out :)

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I think it's amazing just having the rovers working on another planet. The drone is cool but very limited in what can be accomplished. Perseverance needs to uncouple from it so it can do the job of exploring instead of babysitting the drone. I want to know what the rocks are made of. Was it really water or some other liquid that once inhabited the planet? Let's get the onboard lab fired up.
I believe a lot of people said the same thing about those exploring the New World. I’m glad they did! Me thinks Europe would be a bit over crowded by now. Of course those that were/are indigenous to the Americas probably feel a bit different, like one of my great grandparents.
Almost makes me happy to be old. I'm not moving anywhere!
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Now there are only such photos as I have attached. But they promised to send the lunar rover closer to study this object.
Thats not a monolith. Thats a grave stone.
Ive heard people having their ashes sent into space but never heard of a burial.
A pretty lonely place, even if your dead
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