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Just Phoned Yuneec UK

Apr 25, 2016
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Newquay - Cornwall - UK
I get the impression they don't have them yet. I was told they will be arriving tomorrow (25th May) and my 'H' will be sent the same day on Next day Delivery, so it should be with me on Thursday. I ordered and paid on the 4th of April (7 weeks ago). I guess everyone in the UK that Pre-ordered on or before the 4th of April will be getting theirs also..........Any Bets?
I had a Facebook message saying they are in customs as we speak mate. Shipping starts tomorrow. Thats what they say anyway
With any luck mine might be delivered as well. I ordered mid march. Whether my two extra batteries will be there maybe not.
Just paid in full for my pre order from Clifton Cameras, they say they will have them by the end of the week. May have to wait until next week for mine :(
I received a shipment notification from UPS earlier for a delivery on Thursday. Weight is high at 8KG but I have not ordered anything else so hopefully its the Typhoon H.

I ordred on 8th May after a few pints over lunch.
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When did you guys get the email?
This is just like waiting for Glastonbury tickets to arrive. Everyone else gets Thiers before me lol.
Ok so I've now had an email from yuneec with a ups tracking number. Went on website and entered the number. Says 8kg etc etc but said nothing about when its coming.
You guys had the email from ups and not yuneec
Confused yes I am lol. At least I have a tracking number now

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