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Landing platforms

Dec 2, 2015
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Is anyone using any kind of landing platforms? or are you guys just landing your uav's where ever you can?
Hi SixTwoPinoy, I have made several helipads for certain situations and have attached photos.
One helipad I made is for FPV night training and has LED lights and Strobes.
Hope you like and gives you ideas.
Cheers, JV


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I use a small doormat which serves me well. It is light and rests well on top of the snow. It is nothing fancy.but it works.
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this is just a simple mat you can buy at home depot ( 4 for $10. 00) just cut the inter lockers off . i also use it for compass calibration makes it a lot simpler to do . when i take off i keep the arrow pointing to north it seems to get more sats quicker . it light weight and fits under the yuneec carry case in the back of my auto .
fly safe .

Years ago when I first started flying gas helis, I made an elevated launch/land pad that was designed to reduce or eliminate prop-wash (helps to reduce the touch-down "bounce" effect). I used two of those egg-crate light diffusers that are in fluorescent light fixtures 23.75 in. x 47.75 in. White Egg Crate Styrene Lighting Panel (5-Pack)-LP2448EGG-5 - The Home Depot and a piano hinge like that landing board posted by Satellite View (above) Then i made some snap-on legs to hold the platform off the ground by 6 inches. Bouncy-bounce landing went away :) Just had to had to hit the mark when landing, and lift-off like a boss without drifting.

The design also allowed me to tether my heli in various points to learn how to hover at only inches above the platform without tipping or tail rotor strikes :)

Sorry no pics....it was 1991 and taking a lot of pics cost a lot of money to develop the pics.

Hi, the helipad I posted here the one with led lights and strobe lights has holes in the whole pad and is also designed to get rid of prop wash
and as mentioned works realy well the pad is also raised on 5" legs so the prop wash can flow away from underneath.
I like the idea of the North pointing arrow I make a arrow cut out of ply wood painted Red and always point it to the helipad and into the
direction of the wind.
Just some further ideas.
Cheers, JV


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I use large cardboard boxes cut open for landing pads. They work great at take off but blow all over the place when I land so now I use cheap tent stakes to hold the cardboard in place. You can find big boxes for free behind stores that sell refrigerators and stoves (Sears), tent stakes at Wally's. I believe in concept of KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid (or Stoner in some cases)

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