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Newbie basic question on rotating the Breeze

Mar 16, 2021
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I have tested my new Breeze and am very pleased with it..

To keep things simple my first outdoor trial was turn on record and just to send it up rotating 360 whilst up there and back down with the return function... which it did faultlessly.

However the rotation was really quick and uncomfortable to watch on playback... is there a way to rotate it more slowly.. i did try later and just did the rotation in increments but really just want a smoother and slower 360 turn..

there is probably another way but despite YT searching (wrong question probably) I can't see anything I'm looking for.

I said it was newbie question.. LOL
If you are using the virtual sticks on the phone’s screen, place your thumb on the center of the virtual stick and barely move it left or right to yaw (rotate) the Breeze.

If you are using the Bluetooth controller you have to just barely move it off center to get it to turn.

It is a difficult task with the Breeze because there is no way to adjust the sensitivity of the sticks.
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Wow.. A vital piece of information.. I wouldn't have even thought of trying that....


Just a follow on please... i know you can slow the speed down generally but can you do it live? By that I mean can you get to a height or a position in the distance quickly for instance, and then choose choose the slower meters per second. I'm restricted presently to the house due to lockdown here so can't experiment very much.
I don’t advise leaving the flight mode once you have launched. You will find the speed change only affects up/down, left/right, forward/backward and the yaw rate stays unaffected by the speed setting.
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