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Newly Acquired Breeze 4k Worth Keeping in Late 2023?

Yea but I assume the most popular brand of drones also does effort to update with google and iOs as they update. It's lack of effort here if the last update was done 6 years ago. They shouldn't be on the shevles and it's disappointing I bought this and wasted money.
You will find that DJI doesn’t update the apps to work with newer versions of iOS and Android for their legacy equipment. I’m surprised you found a Breeze on a store shelf after this many years. You might try dealing with the business that sold you the Breeze.
Honestly, I find it very strange that this model is still on sale in your area... is almost obsolete.

It would always be better to ask in the forums before buying, so you can get an idea of the real situation up to date.

The only way you have to fly it is to buy an old phone or tablet with appropriate version of Android.

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