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Oddball framerates

Jul 13, 2016
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Hey Folks, I did a little experimenting with different frame rates with my TH and I am really confused by what Yuneec is doing with frame rates. Since I am in an NTSC world I have looked at rates of 29.97, 23.98, 60 and 120. Also I'll add that I am looking at the frame rates in Quicktime player's inspector window and in the inspector in Final Cut Pro X. Oddly enough these are the rates I am seeing.

Recorded at 30 on CGO3+
Quicktime shows 29.97 (I would expect that)
FCPX shows 29.97 (NOTE: This is the only frame rate that matches, but plays back stutters in FCPX and I have to convert to ProRes in Compressor to stop the stuttering.

Recorded at 24 on the CGO3+ (I would expect to see 23.98 in other apps)
Quicktime shows 23.99
FCPX shows 23.99 (Playback looks fine)

Recorded at 60 on the CGO3+
Quicktime shows 59.91
FCPX shows 59.92
Neither one of these are standard frame rates. However the footage seems to playback okay.

Recorded at 120 on the CGO3+
Quicktime shows 119.96
FCPX shows 120
Playback in both apps seem smooth on the frame rate, but man is there a lot of compression artifacts and aliasing in the footage.

So I am just curious if any of you are experiencing these same odd frame rates. And if you are seeing the same bad aliasing in the footage.

Here's the 120fps footage.

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