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Perfect Fit Lipo Safe Battery Case for the H

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I got one of these for my Lipos:


I'm guessing if it was designed to take 50 CALs, it should be suitable to hold batteries no problem?
Not unless you like brushing your teeth with flying shrapnel if/when the battery goes bad -- I'd research that idea a little further if I were you ;)
Stick it in yir wee metal bags and put it inside the ammo box then? Is the biggest threat to a Lipo not piercing it? Also, these boxes will protect against the elements when out in the field.
I would agree that an ammo box isn't great for charging in though! I guess we aren't going to really have that issue with the Yuneec batteries and it's bespoke charger?
Found these RipaFire® lipo battery cases on Amazon (where else ;) ) and they're a near perfect fit for the H's battery. I especially like the fold over flaps that make it seem safer. However I think the claim "Fire/Explosion proof" might be just a tad overstated.

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That is what I got for each battery then I also got a larger bag with a zipper that holds two of those each. So I will have two of those for 4 batteries total once B&H ships them.

So lipo bags in two lipo bags. i:)i
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