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Prop Balancing (IIWI)



I've balanced and tracked and torqued propellers before but not with my Yuneec yet and I'm curious if something this small and light, Is It Worth It... At first glance, I assume you shave or sand some material from one blade that might be heavier than the other? And not that we can add a spacer on the Yuneec prop as we can on a conventional airplane, how can the prop be corrected to track true?

I saw on Amazon a kit of sorts for the purpose of balancing props and I wonder if anyone has purchased a kit for this purpose and observed a smoother flight afterwards.
I bought the special YUNEEC balance adapter rod so i could balance my props before my first flight,,,all i can say is every little bit of vibration you can eliminate will have a big outcome on your finished video ( no jello, etc )

Speedy™ Prop Balance Rod - DJI - Walkera - Yuneec

gotta say that these stock props where pretty good as is but hubs where off so light sanding or clear nail polish where needed !!!
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