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Q500 camera question

Mar 21, 2016
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Hello everyone, my name is Randy and I just bought a new q500 4K and am enjoying every minute of it. It is my first quad and am a beginner and as green as they come LOL. I have figured out the quad copter pretty good but I'm having trouble with one of the settings on the camera and wondering if anyone could help. The camera takes beautiful 4K videos but the problem I have is my MacBook will not play videos off the card in iPhoto, they are all leggy and pause. I have to do a bunch of stuff and export them and bring the quality down to be able to watch them. I tried to Set the camera on the copter to a lower setting so I could directly watch them right in my computer without any hassle but when I lower the setting on the camera it will no longer take still photos, it just says image not captured. I was wondering if anybody had any advice on what to do to correct this?

And my second question is, is there a way to get the videos off of the card in the camera without removing the card and putting it in my computer every time?

Thank you in advance
Just switch to camera mode in your remote, it will take a couple of second to change and then just press the camera botton a little longer and release, it should work like that. I suggest the use of DNG wich is digital negatives because you will have a a greater range of manipulation for that picture than in JPG, but then you will have to process in something like Photoshop. and for your video, just shoot in full hd at 24fps, it should work fine in your laptop and regular tv.

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