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Quick start help?

Jul 5, 2016
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Ok I have my H out and I'm ready to just do a test hop.
I have gone thru compass calibration already.
I just want to fly it manually, take off hover and fly around a little to get a feel for it. Do I want the right switch in Smart or Angle mode?
What modes keep it from being near me? I do not want to arm it and have it want to get away from me, I will be near it.
I have flown many quads before but I always get nervous on first couple of flights on one with so many automated options.
Any help before first flight would be great.
I hope you understand the difference between Angle and Smart modes. Angle is pilot mode and the controls are the same as you sitting in the pilot seat. Smart is headless mode. No matter which way the nose is pointing the right stick forward will always fly away from you. Left stick is always fly left etc. The geo-fence is 26' from the ST16, so if you takeoff in Smart mode you should be at least 30' away from the H. Remember that Smart mode depends on GPS lock. If you lose GPS, the controls default to Angle mode.
Thanks Steve,
I did know that and ended up flying around. Used up 1 battery but did about 4 or 5 flights from full stop to start props, take off fly around then land and stop motors. Took pictures and video so now going to download the SD card and see how bad I did.
This thing flys amazing and I had no issues at all with it. Makes you feel like your an expert pilot. I can tell I'm going to have a lot of fun with it.

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