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Regulations about drone flying in the Netherlands

Jul 5, 2016
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You may fly as an individual with a drone, if you adhere to the rules. For example you should always see your drone. Also, do not fly over contiguous buildings.

In connection with the safety, you may not fly everywhere with your drone. So it is forbidden to not fly near an airport. You also may not fly higher than 120 meters above ground or water. In several areas in the Netherlands the use of drones are completely prohibited.

In addition to the rules for the place you are flying, there are also rules governing the circumstances in which you fly with your drone. For example, you may not fly in the dark.

A drone heavier than 25 Kg is forbidden to be flying for recreational matters. The regulations are changing in the near future so drones for private use only are allowed to have a maximum total weight of 4 Kg.

Some of the rules for amateur drone pilots are.

1: The flight is carried out only under conditions and locations where there is good visibility on the drone itself and the air around it from the ground during the entire flight.

2: The drone pilot holds throughout the flight visibility on his drone.

3: An altimeter does not have to be used.

4: The flight is only allowed during the daylight period.

5: The flight is not carried over areas with contiguous buildings or structures, industrial and port areas including or over crowds or over railway lines or motor accessible paved public roads, except roads into 30 km zones in urban areas and roads 60 km areas outside urban areas.

6: For a flight no flight plan is needed to be submitted.

7: Drone flights are allowed up to a maximum height of 120 meters above the ground or water in airspace.

8: Flights are forbidden within a distance of 3 km from an airport or landing strip.

9: Flights may be flown which lay within an area by civilian or military low flying aircraft, however a second individual other than the drone pilot need to be watching the surrounding area so he can warn the drone pilot for any incoming aircrafts. When warned the drone pilot need to land his drone.
Thanks for the information, in Belgium it's different. Recreational = max 1 kg, max 10 meters altitude, at least 50 meters from humans, animals and building. Neither in cities or villages! So it's very restrictive...

Then you can go to a licence class 2 or 1, after practical and theory exam.

With the licence class 1 you can fly drones up to 500kg at a max altitude of 90 meters. If you want to fly above humans you have to make a declaration to the authorities...

So each country in Europe has its own rules...I have a dream that one day Europe will vote common rules :)

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