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Repairing the left switch board on a ST-16S controller


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Sep 5, 2018
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Matthews, North Carolina
Hi folks,
As Yuneec repair parts become more difficult to find and in order to save some money, I did a repair on the left switch board on one of my ST-16S controllers. The K2 slide (camera tilt slide) on this controller became erratic and the movement of the slide was "too easy"; not like the usual firm and steady feel that you'd expect. That slider is a potentiometer on the left switch board that is common to both the ST-16S and the ST-16 (and perhaps other Yuneec controllers). It has the same form factor and electrical characteristics as one on an old ST-16 switch board from a previous repair. Since I do PC board repairs as a hobby, I had the necessary de-soldering and repair equipment. These boards are compact, so one of the more difficult tasks was working between the switches to remove the old slider without damaging anything. I had to keep reminding myself to be patient. The solder appears to have a higher than typical melting point, but the increased heat necessary did not seem to damage the board. Take a look at the pictures. If you have the equipment to do it, the repair is fairly straightforward. My H Plus controller is back to normal. Hope this helps.
The reason for the temperature increase for making the repair is RoHS.

We had to start using RoHS compliance in our Instrument Clusters for GM vehicles. A different animal, but manageable on automated machinery. The hard part is finding suitable fluxes that do not require cleaning and do not cause undesirable effects on components later on. Bench soldering takes on a whole new dimension. Hit it hot and fast, do not dawdle.
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While it makes for a safer environment, it sure makes soldering a challenge. Especially when working around IC’s.

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