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Reworked Q500 after Crash to a Carbon based Frame

I find a good one with 16GB i had prepared for the ST10.

Basically i also like the Idea of the Yuneec Concept.
When i started my Yuneec experiences, i just have a simple Flysky TX and several Racecopters include an a Eachine E350, that was a extreme trustful system at all.
12 min Flighttime and absolutely trusty, except the big missing for Telemetry data. I just can grab the Voltage.

I like the response in the Air of the Q500, only my trust in that Flightcontrollersystem is extremely shaked because of my own experiences. I never had before a FC with so much issues.

i looked today in the enhanced settings in the Andoid system on the ST10 if there anywhere a item can be found to keep the GPS data persistent, if the copter‘s power fail completely, but actually without Success.

GPS Data is for me an absolut important function i need,
especially if a Copter have a Skydrop - from birdstrike or loosing Battery Power or for whatever other reasons.

If i canot find a usable Solution, my Plan is to switch finally over to another Flightcontroller - maybe my second Omnibus F4 and adapt it to my other new TX an Eachine TX 16 S with Open TX and Crossfire System.
The Range is with 2 Km far enough and i proved it onto my Eachine 350 and 2 Racers.
None of them ever had a Skydrop, except i make a mistake in FPV and hit a Tree or a Branch.

Here i can simply forward the GPS Data to the Cellphone in my Pocket, what allows me to find it easily and fast with Maps even if it does an emergency Land outside while Battery Power goes down.

RTL ain‘t be a sensefully Solution for me, except you want to run few 500 m several times on each Batterychange a Day.
When i observe a Field with 4 SqKm i cannot rech each Batterychange my Startpoint, otherwise i waste a lot of Time a Day and be exhausted when done.

I do that all Volunteer, so all Time i spent and all the Money is by my own.

I have few Spots in the field where i can land my Copter to do a Batterychange, but inbetween i fly in 40-50 m above the fields often up to 1000 m far from my Startpoint.

As mentioned i have also an Eachine E350 Copter what is a much smaller Copter but i rebuilt it also with all that Features in, included the New TX16S with Telemetry that work perfectly, just it is too heavy for it‘s size (1,2 Kilo) and the max. Airtime with its 8min @ 3300mAh battery‘s is to short for my needs. So i be more on Battery change than in the Air. A bigger Battery in the E350 doesnt extend the Airtime, that was my reason to go bigger and have a closer look to the Q500.

A Airtime of 13-15 min is what i was able to do with the Basic Q500 several times now, that is a useful Airtime at least including Gimbal and Video System or Thermal Cam.

The mini with it‘s 26min Airtime continousely is perfect, it just have no Gimbal ( because of it’s weight) what is also not really useful.
Even if this Q500 Copter appears to be huge now, it is absolute impossible to find it after a Skydrop in a Cornfield or higher Grass from 30- 50 m above just with a normal Video Camera System.
I tried it when it has it last Skydrop while Fawn searching.

That can be done with a Thermal Camera from this height, but this is mostly on the Copter i fly fawn rescue with and because of more as 4 digits Per Thermal Cam i just have only One available. Too much Money to be wasted on an untrusted FC.
Here is a description how to find a lost Yuneec drone. Of course it is not 100% especially if the connection was lost but it works in most cases.

From my point of view the Q500 was the most solid drone Yuneec made. I personally trust the flight controller. I think Yuneec has learned from Blade 350/Chroma and made small changes in PCB layout.

br HE


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It‘s a great Work you did for that case Helmut, there is absolute no doubt about it.
But excuse my ignorance, but that ain‘t be a quick Solution in my Opinion.
Maybe i‘m a little frustrated with this System.
There are much more possibilities than the Manufacturer offers by themself.

I will explain closer what i mean:
In the Open TX i. Eg. I be available to put a script in, that forwards the GPS Data to my Iphone in the Pocket, so each other Datas i need can also be scripted with a Lua script.

On the ST10 there is a Android Tablet included, sadly hardly restricted and enclosed by Manufacturer.
There was a simple possibillity, to implement a „ finding you Drone“ tab, for an emergency case.
Just a simple Arrow to the last known position would be more than enough to start a Search.

Depending on Windchill, speed, direction and height it will vary, that‘s for sure, but to have a Basis to search from it would be a simple and easy Way to manage such an option. Absolute no further Hardware is needed.

If they do, so no Laptop or other Hardware was needed in this case, only your Remote and a simple Switch to find it was all what is needed in the Field.

When i go Fly i must carry enough Hardware to the Startpoint, and because of the Remote have it‘s own GPS system integrated, i believe it was a relatively simple Task.
The task is simple. Just use some text editor and read the log on the ST. If you want to get this more comfortable, write a simple android app.
Hi Vaklin, to be honest, i be unable to program this myself.
I never programmed any app for Android, so i before must learn - how to..

Additionally i have actually so much Projects on task including Restoring a 38year old Crusty Van completely from Scratch with tons of Metalworks, because no Bodywork parts available further, so that additionally any Task will blast my own possibillities.
If you be willing to write such an app, i would be a thankfully Tester.

To fly in between my small timeslots i have in the whole Schedule is also little Tricky but easier doable than to write an complete app..

My own schedule ain‘t allows me to learn Adroid programming on top.
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Hi Vaklin, to be honest, I am unable to program this myself.
I never programmed any app for Android, so I before must learn - how to.
Ask someone to help. If she/he wants a deep explanation, we can provide them.

I'm not a coder, so can not help with the code itself.

More than that, an application like this one will be useful to all of us.

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