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Short vids

Not bad, most folks don't realize how much work goes into making these movies, good job.
Thanks. The Lightworks program is pretty powerful and takes time to learn.
Once I got the basics down, it was a breeze. I'm using the free version but I may pony up the money and get the full version. It's impressive.

For instance the audio. In the Jeep video, I was running my mouth alot while filming. In Lightworks I'm able to incrementally turn that volume down. Or raise it, as I did with the grey Jeep with a nice V8. You can do the whole 'film', or frame by frame.

Anyways, thanks again. :D
Nice work, and I concur with Stephen, editing is a long, hard process.

Are you working on a Mac? If so you can also do those things mentioned with the built in iMovie. Not the same as the Adobe suite but still very capable. I have Adobe CS but I frequently use iMovie for quick stuff.
Mac, naw, I'm using a Windows pc. But if really get into this is I might have to get something more powerful to handle the editing and playback. I'm already looking for a nicer HD monitor.

Thanks for the compliments.
I use iMovie and it can do "mucho."
IMO, unless your doing some real pro stuff, imoviefits the bill. I recently messed up the settings on my GoPro before 2 serious weekend rides. Didn't resize I had it in time lapse mode. Well, I used freeze frame to get stills out of the clips and saved the day, "somewhat", creating a movie from the freeze frames. The latest version of iMovie also hasa super much improved exposure adjustment feature among other things.

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