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SOLD $600 - Typhoon H Pro (RealSense, CGO3+, ST16, 4 Batteries - dual charger, Backpack, & More)

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May 4, 2018
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Hey Guys,

I am looking for a new home for my lightly used Typhoon H (as purchased on Amazon 3 years ago). The complete list of included goodies is below with details and pictures attached. I have more images, but the forum limits to 10. All items have their original boxes and manuals. The drone was flown around 40 times total for some commercial photography projects. I have since purchased a DJI Mavic Air 2 and my lonely Typhoon has been dormant for the last six months. I was going to keep it as a backup, but it really needs a pilot to take it out for some flights. Total spent for complete kit as listed is a little over $1500. I am looking for $600 (which includes free insured shipping in the CONUS United States and I will cover PayPal fees). I could likely get more on eBay, but would rather find it a happy home with someone from the forum. I have sold ~$10,000 worth of photography gear on fredmiranda.com over the years if you want to look me up there - I have a perfect rating. Two of the arms (near the motors) have small abrasions (see images attached) from a tip-over once on the ground after landing during a gust of wind. No other structural or cosmetic damage occurred. All six blades were replaced as a precaution. The drone was flown many times (20+) after with no issues. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to adopt this 6-bladed beast.

- Typhoon H Pro
- Backpack Carrying Case (Yuneec official brand, not pictured)
- Intel RealSense Module (I never used this feature, but I assume it is in working order)
- CGO3+ Camera (12MP, 4K video, 3-axis gimbal)
- ST16+ Controller (3 antennas, screen protector)
- Second Wizard Controller (for team operation, separate pilot and photographer operation)
- 4 batteries (2 original - 5400 mAh, 2 Morpilot - 6300mAh) - all working perfectly, kept at proper storage charge
- Battery Carrying Case (fitted specifically for batteries
- Dual Battery Charger (provides proper per cell charging and storage function)
- UAV Pilot Flight Simulator USB Stick (this device allows you to fly your drone virtually on your PC using the ST16+ controller - I never used it, still in sealed package)
- ST16+ Lanyard (for around the neck, never used it)
- ST16+ Shade Attachment (never used it)
- Polar Pro ND Filter Kit (2, 4, 8 stop)
- 12 Blades (6 new in package, all original Yuneec brand)
- 32GB micro SD Card (not pictured, new in package, includes SD size adapter)


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I am interested, can you please give me your e-mail , just to make a couple of questions.
This drone kit has been sold to rumj48. Happy to know it's going to a forum member that will enjoy it and stretch its wings again
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