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The Yuneec Pilots Picture Game

Ty Pilot

One Hexy Pilot
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Feb 24, 2017
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Central Florida
Summary: This is a game where a picture challenge is made and the first to post a picture that fulfills the challenge gets to post the next challenge.


The rules are simple:

[1] All pictures posted must be taken with ANY of the Yuneec line of Cameras - from the Breeze, Q-500 line, on up through any of the Typhoon H's and Tornado 920's. No Exceptions.:)

[2] The challenge MUST be reasonable. Keep in mind this forum spans the globe - so for instance I would not ask for a picture of a Saturn V Rocket (I'm right down the road from Cape Kennedy) - since there are only a few examples here and a couple other places in the states - this would be an unreasonable challenge. So, if you make a challenge that is difficult it will slow things down and we don't want that. Be Specific and Simple: A picture of a barn = GOOD, a picture of a barn with three cows and a red rooster = BAD.

[3] To Respond to a Challenge - Take your aircraft out and take a picture that represents, to the best of your ability, what the Challenger has asked for. The first successful responder to any challenge gets to make the next challenge.

[5] There may be disagreements about whether challenges have been met or were too specific or impossible. The original poster has the first right to determine whether his/her challenge has been met. If we cannot come to a logical conclusion by that method the originator of the game (me?) or one of the moderators will serve as final referee. It's a dirty job but we have to have someone in this position, or the game could stall out.

[5] DO NOT post Pictures, Discussion, Video or Links that do not address the Previous Request or the game in general - as this will side track the process.

[6] If you post a picture as a response - WAIT to hear from the challenger that you have met the challenge BEFORE you post your challenge. If you make a challenge - it is your responsibility to check and acknowledge responders.

[7] If a challenge is not met, the challenger can (and should) meet their own requirement in order to move the game along. The idea is to keep the game fun, interesting and moving along. :)


I'll Go first to get it started. The first picture challenge is - a building with a metal roof.

And GO!

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Some one has gotta be near to a crane. I saw one down the road but I gotta work all day unfortunately. :(

There’s one near Bella Collina on Lake Apopka, but my Breeze won’t make it there from The Villages.

Close enough?
@Old Dude
Can't see your picture.
I think we can give it another day, its the weekend and a new thread. I might be able to get a pic tomorrow. Hopefully some more will see and join in.

Great idea Ty! I’ll join in after I get back to Michigan. Only three weeks to go and too much to do before I leave. This should be fun and would probably be a good candidate for s sticky so it could be found easily.

Let’s see what the other mods think about that.
@Old Dude
Can't see your picture.
Interesting, I see it on my mobile. I did copy the link from my google photos, I wonder if the privacy settings is so stopping others from viewing it?
I'm in the middle of migrating to a different computer. Didn't have the file on this one, so pulled it from the online backup. Just tried a different way. See if it worked.
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Interesting, I see it on my mobile. I did copy the link from my google photos, I wonder if the privacy settings is so stopping others from viewing it?

I see it on my iPhone, but not on the PC. Go figure:confused:
So at this point, those of us on PC cannot see the picture from @Old Dude, so until he gets that remedied, the challenge is still considered open. Perhaps try to upload it here rather than post a link?
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Sounds like a good option.

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