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Jan 8, 2019
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79 Fry Rd, McCaysville Ga 30555
Hello all, I am Alton! I live in the foothills of The Great Smoky Mountains. I am in the process of building a Typhoon H from scratch as I can't afford the price of a new one.I have one guy on ebay that I buy new parts from as he has them,and I am near completion of the craft. I need some help,I need some inside pictures of the typhoon so I may see where everything plugs up!! So far it has been easy. I am just not sure where every thing plug's in can anyone here help me? The pic's would surely be helpful!
I may have what you need but it will be much later before I can get to them.
Steve Thank you so much for posting the pic it was very helpful. Now just one question,where does the front sonar plug in?
That is the OA (obstacle avoidance) sensor at the top of the pic. The connector is mounted on the bottom of the board and points out to the side.
Mr Carr, My drone is near complete,need now a camera for a typhoon H Plus,!! Know where I might get one? My two source's on e bay dried up!!!
I think you mean the Typhoon H which has a CGO3+. You will just have to watch eBay and the classifieds to see if one shows up. The camera is often the first thing to get destroyed in a crash so there tends to be few on the market.
I'm curious, did you have a lot of the parts already at no cost? I know typhoon parts are cheaper in US, but complete ones are very cheap here in UK, building from scratch with parts here would cost probably twice as much as a new one.

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