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Tips for Getting Your Remote Pilot Certificate

Oct 7, 2016
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Hello Yuneec Pilots,

I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself, introduce ASA, and tell you about some of the products we have available to help you with your part 107 certification.

First, my name is Brian Snider, I am the marketing coordinator for ASA (Aviation Supplies & Academics). I have commercial pilot and flight instructor (CFI) certificates with rotorcraft category, helicopter class and instrument helicopter ratings as well as an advanced ground instructor (AGI) certificate and a remote pilot certificate with a small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) rating. Long before I came to work here, I used ASA products to obtain all of my helicopter certifications and received my remote pilot certificate as soon as it became available this past summer. I passed every knowledge exam on my first attempt with well above average scores. I am a living testimonial of ASA test preparation products.

ASA has been providing trusted aviation training products for more than 75 years to flight instructors, aviation maintenance technicians, air traffic controllers, career aviators, students, and now to remote pilots and drone operators. Our pilot supplies, software, and publications are supported with integrity, consistency, superior quality, and the best customer service in the industry. We have an extensive background with FAA Knowledge Exams, testing, and certification and have many years of experience developing and maintaining accurate, reliable, and trusted training products to the aviation training community.

ASA has several products to help with Part 107 certification including test preparation books, software and videos, FAA handbooks and ebooks on a variety of topics including weather, aircraft operations, chart reading, airman certification standards and more. You can explore the products we have available at http://asa2fly.com/uas

Finally, let me offer some Q&A regarding the Remote Pilot knowledge exam and how to prepare for it.

Q: Why do I have to learn all of this stuff if I am just going to be making videos and taking pictures at low altitudes?

A: It's not just because the rules set forth by the FAA require it. You are about to receive a commercial license granting you permission to fly your drone in shared airspace (controlled and uncontrolled) with aircraft flown by and carrying people on board. While the loss of your drone would be unfortunate, the loss of life is irreversible. Understanding airspace, airport operations, and weather are crucial to safe operation within the NAS (national airspace system). Let's consider a real-life scenario: You accept a job to photograph a home and its surrounding property in a rural area. You are unaware that there is a private airstrip on the adjacent property. Airplanes and helicopters could very well be taking off or landing within the vicinity of your operation. If you do not understand airspace, approach courses, runway directions, traffic patterns, and standard operating procedures you risk interference with other aircraft. Flights begin and end on the ground, and aircraft will be flying at low altitudes during taking off and landing.

Q: Do your test prep materials include ALL of the questions and answers that will be on the FAA Knowledge Exam?

A: No, and you should question anyone who tells you they have them all. Here's why: There was a time, long before the remote pilot certificate existed, that all FAA Knowledge Exam questions were made available to the public. This is no longer the case. While some of those questions remain in the FAA database, many new questions have been added. So even though some of the questions, answers, and explanations found in ASA test preparation materials may be identical to questions that you will find on the exam, you should not rely on memorization to get you through the test. You're going to have to gain a thorough understanding of the topics, not just how to pick the right answer. We know the topics they are going to test on, and provide within our test preparation products questions that are highly representative of the questions on the exam. Remember when you learned how to add numbers together? You didn't memorize every possible answer to every addition equation that exists, you learned how to add numbers together, no matter what those numbers were. Similarly, you need to learn to understand how to read an aeronautical chart to determine airspace and it's limitation no matter the geographical location the chart depicts.

Q: Where can I find more information on the topics covered on the exam?

A: ASA provides several products in a variety of formats from printed books and eBooks, to software programs and videos to prepare you for the exam. If you have questions about which products are best for you, don't hesitate to contact us: http://asa2fly.com/contact

Brian W. Snider, Marketing Coordinator
Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.
7005 132nd Place SE
Newcastle, WA 98059-3153
Phone 800-426-8338 or 425-235-1500
Fax 425-235-0128
Website www.asa2fly.com

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