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Typhoon H and wizard will not Watch me?

Jun 19, 2016
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So today I was starting to learn and check out the Wizard remote. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or maybe there is a defect? Once the binding is done I can use the wizard to control the flight but, I can't seem to get the watch me function to work? The drone light on the remote is green and GPS is locked so I'm in watch me mode as far as I can tell from the manual. I've switched to safe mode and the H follows me but, the camera doesn't seem to watch me. Using the manual button combinations I've tried to turn on record and nothing seems to work. Can someone point me in the right direction if they know of this issue elsewhere or if maybe I'm missing something?

I've been reading the forum for a while and have had pretty good luck with problem solving (learning because I'm new to this) and you guys are a big help so THANK YOU!! It's like learning to test bombs!! the hard way!!
Does this help at all?

Thanks for that reply,, that does not help. However I did find this and it seems to work.

Only issue now is how to tell if your recording. Honestly, I'm not sure how Yuneec expects to compete when they don't provide any real manual that is consistent. Even the LED colors are not correct when binding. I get yellow, then purple when binding. Everything is up to date firmware wise. It seems you need to bind the Wizard without the st16 controller to get the watch me function to work using the wizard. The wizard is an awesome tool and I'm hoping to be able to get this worked out. I'll post a detailed process once I'm done. does anyone else have purple instead of blue when binding?
Ok, So here's what I have figured out for those that want to use the wizard for watch me. You do not need a tablet or phone with the CGO3 app. You can however do it with the app but, there are a lot of Androids that will not work due to the wifi on the tablet/phone will disconnect from any wifi that does not have internet access. Some have advance controls that help but, most do not. I did notice that most apple products had no issues with the app and camera.

Now, on to the process. The first step is to make sure you are in single mode and this is default but you need to make sure. Then turn the St16 off. You must bind the wizard to the H with the st16 controller turned off. The process for that is to turn on the H and tilt it at a 45 deg angle 2 times and the indicator led should blink yellow and then press the wizard on button until you hear two beeps. This some how links the watch me ability in the H to the wizard .On my H the watch me function in team mode will not function with either device but in safe mode follow me works so the st16 will need to keep the camera on target. Once you have the wizard bound to the H you can turn on the st16 controller. Now you will not have any tilt or pan function on the st16 booting in this order but, you can toggle snapshot and record as well as control the camera settings. Once you have your H in the air and at a safe distance you need to switch to safe mode and from there you can use the button combinations to switch between watch me and follow me. I'm not sure what the use of the follow me function is when the st16 cannot control pan or tilt in this configuration or why non of this is in the manual?

Also if this would be useful elsewhere feel free to copy and paste. It was a headache and took a while to figure out so I'm sure it will save someone some time.

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