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Typhoon H camera

Apr 1, 2019
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Good afternoon, I have an H that I am having issues with the camera. Turn on H and everything boots up but no green light on camera. Cannot bind , but gimbal works ok with ST16 . Any way to reboot camera?
The camera and gimbal are actually two things built into the same housing. It is pretty common to have a problem with one but not the other.
Your issue sounds like no power is reaching the camera. You can try reset using the buttons on the back of the camera, but it is not likely to help. You will need something small to press the buttons. @Steve Carr provided the picture below and has often recommended breaking a toothpick to reach both buttons at the same time.
Camera reset buttons 1.jpg
The buttons are approximately at the same level as the housing. The stroke of the buttons is very small, but the switching is at least noticeable.

However, I don't think that a reset helps in this case. If there is no reaction of the front LED of the camera and the gimbal works then most probably the power wire to the camera is broken. It is a 4-wire cable with slighly thicker wires than the others (motor or sensors wiring).
If the front LED shows something but remains white then I think the WiFi board is broken.
If the front LED goes green blinking but no WiFi hotspot is available then the antenna may be the source of the problem.

br HE
That's pretty clever. I wonder if tweezers would work just as well. I don't have my H in front of me so cannot tell how deep you have to press the buttons to activate them.
This reminds me of the slogan a friend had posted on his office wall.

"There is always a better different way".

With that in mind, this is the tool I use. It's made from driving a straight pin into the handle of a child's paint brush. A second straight pin is soldered across the head of the first. The second pin is then bent to match the spacing of the buttons and clipped to provide a reasonable length and even ends. This one has a LOT of mileage on it.


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