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Typhoon H total disappointment

Oct 21, 2020
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Good morning. Prehaps, someone can help.
I bought the drone new. I used it for three flights (less than one total hour of run time. I upgraded the firmware for the controller and the drone and it hasn't ever run since. Everything the to energized:
a) Drone cycles up with a constant rapid beep (Blue Light)
b) Camera is working but only rotates endlessly. I can calibrate it but, on restart it goes back to just turning around and around with the video portion working all of the time.
c) All motors test well through the GUI.

It is probably something that I have done incorrectly.


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Mar 23, 2016
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Bavaria / Germany
Brief description of debugging steps:

Remove the camera.
Check if the drone is bound to the controller. Blue blinking usually means not bound. If not bind it according the manual. Status LED should follow the flight mode switch (smart - green, angle - purple, RTH - red).
If it is beeping rapidly, the right stick on the controller may be uncalibrated. Check this in HW monitor. Roll and pitch must be zero if stick in in neutral position.
If all is working you can try a test flight.

Power of the drone. Put the camara back to the rail. Check it it is correct snapped in. All switsches on the ST16 up except langing gear switch down and flight mode switch in middle position. Power on and check if the cam is still turning around. If yes, can you change the speed by K1 knob?

If problems still exists, show us screenshots from Output monitor (tap rapidly on Volt symbol upper left to get it on the screen), Bind screen, About controller screen and HW monitor.
Also helpful are the flight logs from the last flights and tries to flight. Flight los can be copied from the ST16 via USB connection. Flight logs are in Folder "FlightLog" no need to say...

In case of question, pleas ask.

Good sources for better understanding and in case of problems are:

Extended user manual: https://yuneecpilots.com/attachments/typhoon-h-user-manual-vcho3-2-pdf.16324/
Way to fix drones project: https://yuneecpilots.com/attachments/wtfdproject-rev-67-pdf.23531/

br HE
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