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UAV Toolbox - Testers for Mission export

Mickeyboo! How do you do?? Long time no see.

For those of you who do not know, Mickeyboo is one of the most distinguished forum members, and a world-class photographer.
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Hi everybody,
Following the fix of advanced features in Uavtoolbox I'm planning my future real mission next week using catapult datapilot plan file import in Uavtoolbox.
The subject will be an old sugar production plant in Guadeloupe.
I'll planning a survey to import in webodm, which I haven't begin to use.
I think it could be a good rest for that new Uavtoolbox version with map fix.
Any suggestion on how to get usable results as I'm completely new to that subject ?
Since the H480 and the H Plus do not have the capability of DataPilot or CCC controlling a trigger for making exposures you have to set the camera up for taking a series of exposures like a time lapse.

Due to this you need to adjust the flight speed so you get the proper overlap with each photo.

I would suggest making some simple practice flights of a small area to get the timing of the camera and the flight speed synced.

Here is a quick tutorial from @Tuna

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Is it possible to change email and password for an account? I no longer have access to the original email and have forgotten the password. The app is logged in on the controller, but I want to do a factory reset and still want to be able to get access later. Ta
The first post has links leading to password reset:
UAV Toolbox Post.png
The first post has links leading to password reset:
View attachment 29506
Tried that, doesn't work (see image)

Also you need access to the original email account to recover a password, which I don't have...


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I messaged @Tuna in the Yuneec Technicians FB group. The Contact on his website did not work for me either. Usually will be something he was not aware of malfunctioning on the server.
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Hi everyone,

Long time no see since my last message when I was more than happy that every issue I had been solved.
Unfortunately, while training to prep for my mission via UAVToolbox, I've encountered a sudden loss of all communication beetween the radio and the typhoon.
The result ? total loss of the drone that were nowhere to be found....
I've received last week an used H plus and an used H520.
Of course they are damaged in some ways and are to be repaired: The H plus is missing the landing gear and the E90 on the H520 need replacement of the slip ring.
I've managed to dismantle th E90 to a certain point and waiting for the need slip ring to arrive.
Fot the H Plus, I'll order complete landing gear assembly later.

More info later,
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