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UK Firmware update

Mar 18, 2016
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london UK
I copied the single link update from the Yuneec UK site.
Formatted SD card
Transferred bin file to card.
Replaced SD card into camera and followed the instructions on the video.
Result Update OK

ST16 update caused me a problem which as I have suspected for a long time my ST 16 is not seeing my SD card. I kept getting the "file not found" indication. (I need to speak to Yuneec about it)
Connect the ST16 up to your computer.
When connected go in to the files on the ST 16.
Now copy the ST 16 update file to the root of the ST 16 plus also the folder "Typhoon" in fact to any empty folder that seems to have control of the Typhoon. (It probably only needs to be transferred to the root of the ST16 but I copied it to the others anyway). Then restart the ST 16 (Note if you leave the computer connected to the ST 16 it will also update the latest Android version to the Pad as well) . Then do as you did for the camera update . Select "about Controller" and click update ST16 and it will find the file and update. Took longer than the camera update (more if you update the Android OS) but eventually does it.
You have to REBIND the model as suggested on other posts on the forum.
One tip DO NOT select the ET camera model it is wrong.
My H now connects in 1m and 40 seconds excellent.
Good alternative 53 ! For me I really never had a real long boot up time , about one minute, so I don't really notice a difference! Fly Safely!

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