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  1. Airtography

    Grounded due to bat bite

    Sorry for your ordeal -- I suppose you had to maintain H control while freaking out over the intruder and the bite. Kudos -- and best wishes for recovery. Since we are off topic -- I'll pose a question that I've pondered while watching bats over the woods in my own back yard. Here it goes...
  2. Airtography

    ST16 strange behaviour

    Had this same problem just before a fly-away. Don't know if it was related or not. Call Yuneec -- sort it out. Don't fly. I suspect it's in calibration assuming that your GPS is enabled and turned on. One thing about using the secret menu for calibrating is that ALL controls need to be in...
  3. Airtography

    Noisey ST16 Fan?

    On one of my ST16's, I noticed what I thought was a bad exhaust fan. I had a worble -- especially when the ST16 was moved. I figured a bad bearing or the fan blade was warped casing this noise. I decided to open the ST16 and see how hard it is / or isn't to replace the fan. Here is what I...
  4. Airtography

    Venom Typhoon H Charger Additional Info

    Precisely the reason why -- after researching the Venom -- I didn't buy one. Over $200 for a charger that doesn't really do anything but charge the batteries is crazy when I already have 4 OEM chargers. The discharge function is a really important feature needed for Lipo Battery safety and...
  5. Airtography

    Flying, filming, and privacy.

    Quite interesting law there in California. So -- when are they going to press charges and stop Google Earth from taking pictures of your beautiful state?
  6. Airtography

    6 Motor Cut-off?

    I asked him that and he swears that the unit was still powered on when it hit the ground. He tested all motors after the crash and they all work. (has a broken camera, 3 arm clips and broken landing gear stabilizer - legs were up when crashing and the camera took most of the hit).
  7. Airtography

    6 Motor Cut-off?

    A friend was flying next to a house and went too close. 1 prop hit the house and ALL motors stopped. Dropped like a brick. Question -- why did all motors stop when only 1 hit the house? Would think that the 1 motor would stop, but the others would keep running. Only 1 prop -- the one that...
  8. Airtography

    H flipping over

    I have found that when landing you must hold the throttle down until it goes into idle mode. I think this is a minor change as I never noticed this until the new firmware. Previously, when it touched down, I'd let go of the throttle and it would go into idle mode -- no issue -- but in most...
  9. Airtography

    Wish List/Improvements

    1. Separate Video and Picture Settings -- shouldn't have to go into video to set pic settings. 2. Exposure adjustments 3. Turn off that god-awful GPS Lost haptic messaging when not airborne! 4. Sharpness, contrast, and brightness controls 5. Change voltage read-out to show percentage in...
  10. Airtography

    New body for my Typhoon H

    Very Nice Design!!!!
  11. Airtography

    New body for my Typhoon H

    Yes -- agree -- basic charcoal grey is boring -- here is one with a wood finish -- was still in the assembly process -- shell wasn't closed. Used Dipkit liquid ink printing. Don't let the ads fool ya -- DIPKIT is a hard process -- took several tries to get this right.
  12. Airtography

    Different CGO 3 mounts

    Great info and good to know -- i'll be checking all 4 of my h's today. Thank you!
  13. Airtography

    Did Yuneec Roll-Back or is there an Error on the Site?

    Not as of this morning,...... 4/17
  14. Airtography

    Fox News - Tucker Carlson Drone Report

    Obviously not aware of the laws. It's now a felony -- yep that's right - a FELONY to shoot down or prevent a drone from flying within the FAA reserved drone airspace up to 400' above ANY unrestricted PROPERTY. (unrestricted in terms of other classified FAA determined airspace such as...
  15. Airtography

    Did Yuneec Roll-Back or is there an Error on the Site?

    I check Yuneec's Support Site every day - checking for H upgrades. This morning I noticed that the firmware is all rolled back -- GUI - to from 1.02 to 1.01, H from 3.04 to 3.01 and ST16 from B30 to B27. I cleaned my glasses, refreshed by cache and checked 3 more times. Either they have...