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Recent content by Andyzonk

  1. Andyzonk

    In flight failure

    Just had a look at mine - seems AOK. Same as first photo in post #1 and #16. Running latest firmware, one of the first 'H's in the UK from Yuneec.
  2. Andyzonk

    Ooop. Lipo Charging Mistake.

    I have been re-charging my Batteries at 7 Amps. I have 3x Batteries with over 100 Flights on each of them. No problems and the Batteries are still going strong. Just as a Test, using a LiPo safety bag, I once charged a battery at 15 Amps. Nearly 3C, took about 15 minutes to fully charge, the...
  3. Andyzonk

    ST16 new firmware update question

    Yes, looks the same as mine......
  4. Andyzonk

    Everyone check spin your propellers!!

    The 'O' Ring needs to be the SOFT (Clear/White) Silicon Type, Approx size - OSD 7mm - ISD 6mm - Thickness .5mm......I have done about 100 flights with this modification. No Problems and no more Prop rattle.
  5. Andyzonk

    Everyone check spin your propellers!!

    See this - Motor Noise
  6. Andyzonk

    Typhoon H Google Maps due Jan 2017

    Do you mean the ST16 controller?
  7. Andyzonk

    Motor Noise

    I must admit, it was a bit of a problem finding the right 'O' ring. In the end I found them on some old 'Vape Coils' (Aspire Atlantis). Like these - Replacement Coils
  8. Andyzonk

    new peau 8.25 lens received

    Mine was also set to 10ms - keep tapping the '+' button and it will eventually reach 7 seconds, which seems to be a much better setting.
  9. Andyzonk

    Motor Noise

    I had the same problem and it was 'Prop Wear'. I put all new Props on the 'H' and it was fine for about 10 flights, then back again. I used VERY small (soft clear silicon) 'O' Rings between the Prop and Motor Mounts. Perfect now. If you look down into the Prop Mounts on the Motors, you can see...
  10. Andyzonk

    New Firmware

    Yes, mine is the same. No Higher than 390ft now. GUI makes no difference.
  11. Andyzonk

    ImmersionRC 13dbi gain Patch antenna

    I have tried both the 13dbi and the 8dbi. I think the 13dbi is 'too' Directional and got better results with the 8dbi. The 8dbi is good for 8000+ft (over the Ocean).
  12. Andyzonk

    New Antennas for Typhoon H?

    Yes, the 'Immersion 8dBi Left Circularly Polarized Mini Patch antenna' is way better than the Stock Antenna (H Advanced) but it is 'Directional'. I never get Video Dropout now. I have flown out over the Ocean 8000+ft with no problems.
  13. Andyzonk

    HOWTO: Update E, F, J, K to Standard (A) firmware, if latest version is already installed (v3.04)

    Glad you finally managed to do the 'A' Upgrade. The EU Firmware is Rubbish. The Next step is to upgrade the Antenna's on your ST16, stops the Video and Telemetry from dropping out. Easy and Cheap to do. I do a lot of coastal flying so the 'H' is out over the Water and I can now get over 8000...
  14. Andyzonk


    I have both a Typhoon H Advanced and a P4 - If one had to go it would the P4 for sure. The Typhoon is WAY more fun to fly. The Camera on the P4 might be slightly better but it's only marginal and not worth worrying about - Get the 'H'.
  15. Andyzonk

    HOWTO: Update E, F, J, K to Standard (A) firmware, if latest version is already installed (v3.04)

    You are wasting your time using the EU Firmware. The Camera takes about 2 minutes (or more) to connect and everytime you raise the Landing gear, the Video cuts out. I have been using the 'A' Firmware (in the UK) for Months now, the Camera connects almost instantly, even before the SATS are ready...