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Recent content by Brent D

  1. Brent D

    battery charging problems

    i disassembled one of my batteries that was blinking blue... wired up a temporary charge cable to my non Yuneec charger, checked voltage /cell and they were less than 2v. I used the NIMH setting to bring each cell back up to 3.5V. Back to normal now, even though the battery didn't fit back...
  2. Brent D

    E90 (Beta) 4K 60fps 100mbs Video Footage

    footage is amazing! Very sharp - no real aliasing and smooth. Very good colour!
  3. Brent D


    Some of the recent sample video of the E50 by Uwe Loewer shows signs of jello. However - this only seems evident in an extreme zoom in... see the linked YT video at the 1:42 mark... you notice that there's what seems like (transition - edited zoom in???) to see a moth on the wall. I notice on...
  4. Brent D

    H520 DataPilot (TM) Pics

    Looks amazing!
  5. Brent D

    I tried the alternate landing method...

    and it was amazing. A typhoon H user pointed out a new undocumented landing method where the H is close to the ground and you press the red start/stop button. I tried it and it works really well and feels great. As soon as you press the button it gently lowers and if you let go, it holds...
  6. Brent D

    Will the drone fly out of range or just stop

    That I didn't know. Awesome info - thanks!
  7. Brent D

    Typhoon H and Mavic owner here!

    I still go to my H more than the Mavic. The gimbal gets wonky for me in sport mode on the mavic when stopping as well. As well, the gimbal tilt slowly drifts and becomes off level almost every flight. App crashes every flight too on my google pixel xl.
  8. Brent D

    Waypoints test

    Thank you good sir!
  9. Brent D

    Waypoints test

    Decided to give the waypoints mod a test yesterday. It worked great... I didnt adjust the camera per/point. Just left it default.
  10. Brent D

    Modified Typhoon H to fly across entire length of Canada

    The last stop is very near to my Hometown. :) Google Maps
  11. Brent D

    MapView Overlay in the Core App or 3Rd Party app

    Im on to this too. thanks :)
  12. Brent D

    MapView Overlay in the Core App or 3Rd Party app

    Wow! Brutal experience. I hope you get it worked out.
  13. Brent D

    MapView Overlay in the Core App or 3Rd Party app

    About the way points... Your st-16 should have a H920 model setup. You load and bind your Typhoon H to the H920 model and you will get the added functionality of a dedicated way point editor that SEEMS to be fully functional. I have set it up and tested it (not flying). I'm pretty sure you will...
  14. Brent D

    New update 1.3.0 fixes all my issues

    FYI The new update fixes all my fpv connectivity issues I had on my Google Pixel XL running the latest android ver. Quite a few others were having similar issues. Thanks!!!
  15. Brent D

    New app update 1.3.0

    I just noticed this update for my android. Anybody test it yet? Fix any issues? THANKS