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Recent content by Danny J

  1. Danny J

    Fly-away and Flight Log analysis help needed

    My "H" tried to take off in a random direction on its own as I was descending to land. The only control I had was up/down (climb/descend). To avoid losing the whole craft in the lagoon of a nearby marina, I forced it into the ground. Here's what happened. About eight weeks ago I had my Typhoon...
  2. Danny J


    I have both antennae available to me with the ST-16. The square flat-patch antenna gives me a clear video link even at a one-mile distance. The "round" 5.8 GHz antenna (right-hand circular polarized cloverleaf style) usually starts giving broken up video feed at about half that distance. This...
  3. Danny J

    GPS Question

    I have experienced GPS signal problems when flying on days with lots of convective activity and very tall CuNim (30 - 40,000 feet) surrounding the area. With these clouds containing intense amounts of rain and hail, they DO block signals from satellites that are lower in the sky. Getting a good...
  4. Danny J

    Battery charging issues

    Here's my simple charging solution before anyone goes out and spends more money, time, or aggravation. Maybe some of the readers here have already figured this out and never posted it. I've had the factory (Yuneec) charger fail to recognize a battery inserted for charging. This happens fairly...
  5. Danny J

    Snow flying

    A couple of winter fly techniques that I've learned-by-doing: I keep the batteries at room temp and put each batt in a spare glove to keep it from getting too chilled. I have shooters gloves, with flip off fingertips so I keep the majority of my hand warm. Flip the fingertips back over when not...
  6. Danny J


    The Typhoon H480 flies well beyond the first low-batt warning. My experience has made me comfortable staying airborne until 16 - 18 minutes. I live in a very rural agricultural area, and I have flown the H480 out past 4000' on many occasions, and once as far as 5000' when I had an assured clear...
  7. Danny J

    West Michigan - Grand Haven/Muskegon/Grand Rapids

    Must be some more unique Yuneec flyers out there. I've bumped into a couple of DJI flyers but what about you guys/gals with Typhoon H, Q500, Mantis or Breeze? I'm in Spring Lake (Grand Haven area) and fly the Typhoon H Pro and Q500 4k. Also, I have been an RC sailplane flyer for 40+ years. Like...
  8. Danny J

    Another Use for the Red Button... Landing!

    I'd stick with the 3' - 4' altitude. I like this landing method for uneven ground or wind, where "hopping" and tip-over can be a problem. The Red MOTOR ARM/DISARM button landing has the advantage of shutting down the motors the instant it senses the craft has contacted the ground. My next test...
  9. Danny J

    Battery Adapter, Typhoon H, DIY

    Just some battery/flight duration RIP (Random Information Particles): I've had my Typhoon H (with RealSense installed) for around 14 months. All my flying so far has been with one of the three Yuneec OEM 5400mAH batteries. I had always set myself up to return back to land when I got the LOW...
  10. Danny J

    Q500 4K RC Antenna

    I did this to my Q500 4k (see picture) and I got much more reliable link and clear video even at long distances. Have not yet modified ST10+ transmitter. Posted more details on the "other" Yuneec forum.
  11. Danny J

    Q5004k antenna placement

    I recall watching a YouTube vid where they explained that Yuneec hanged the antenna placement from the leg (earlier models of Q500) to the "wing" strut (later models) due to a problem with moisture affecting the antenna. I installed an aftermarket bi-quad 2.4 GHz antenna on my Q500 4k in place...