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Recent content by Johnnybegood

  1. J

    ST-16 Replacement

    That's what I would expect but I can't even get them to call me back or answer my email for clarification.
  2. J

    ST-16 Replacement

    Since there has been a considerable amount of returns of the ST-16 bc of the fan and SD card being swallowed I was curious about everyone's experience. I called the other day to get a return authorization and was told I have to pay for the shipping. I had a friend that called a few weeks prior...
  3. J

    Problems with the H since release.

    I have the rattle as well and my SD card fell into the st-16 today. I tried to open it up but didn't want to void my warranty so I stopped before taking off the rear sticky things on the sides. Is it safe to take these off and open the controller just enough to have my SD fall out?
  4. J

    Time to connect with camera

    Could be that the so called delay was because they needed to do a firmware so people didn't need to do it out of the box. Nothing like hearing that we still have to update **** near immediately. Oh and I get to call to have them repair my ST-16 since it arrived with the rattling fans as well...
  5. J

    Silver wire protruding from landing gear -- Is this normal?

    Just got my H today. I have that wire hanging out both sides and my ST-16 is rattling really bad
  6. J

    An interesting fact..

    36 here...People don't know what they are missing. Even just spending $50 and playing around with a Syma or some other entry level drone/quad.
  7. J

    Anyone in Canada seen their H yet?

    Hello fellow waiters, I am supposed to get mine on the 26th. I'm going to Banff, on the second week of June. Am I allowed to fly there or do I have to have a permit?
  8. J

    Yuneec now has Typhoon H updates on Support page

    How is there firmware already, if that was the delay (yeah right) then it was pointless if we still need to update once we unbox.
  9. J

    Amazon now in stock

    I got an email today that it is anticipated to be delivered on May 26th. Wish it was sooner, but atleast I have a date now. I am getting a bit nervous about the issues people are experiencing with performance, particularly since it was delayed this much to ensure operation at delivery will work.
  10. J

    Amazon now in stock

    Has Amazon seriously not received any yet?
  11. J

    Just Off the Phone with Yuneec USA

    Let's keep in mind several of you have begun to receive yours. The last thing the Waiters club needs to hear is just be patient.
  12. J

    Amazon now in stock

    I got an email today from Amazon that said they anticipate shipping my March pre-order in a couple of weeks! Now Amazon is playing the next week game. I know several are feeling burnt by Built Drones through Amazon. I'm shocked that my purchase is sold and shipped through Amazon. I have a...
  13. J

    Amazon now in stock

    Has anyone that ordered from Amazon had one shipped yet?