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  1. SkyVidTek

    Typhoon H480 "older model" antenna question

    I purchased a used H480 as a backup and recently had the covers off for an inspection. This was one of the earlier H models before the internal antennas were extended out parallel to the landing gear legs. This one seems to have had a partial upgrade with the newer plastic antenna stubs added...
  2. S1lent

    Increase connectivity range, antenna mod.

    Hi guys, I was flying my drone yesterday, and I noticed that my connection tends to be quite fragile, even flying in an open area. After a meter of 150m, my drone even dc'd once and flew back, but has no trouble of going into the air 270 meters straight from the spot it departed. Anyway, when...
  3. dondec

    Alternate ST16 antenna, whats it for

    My new H came with the 3 antenna version ST16, the short fat antenna in the middle. But in the box was I guess I replacement for the middle one that's flat and rectangular. What's that for? Is that just a different style? Thanks Don
  4. A

    St16 Receiver Issues

    Recently I purchased the Itelite DBS antenna range extender to ensure stronger connections in urban areas. Extender...
  5. T

    ST-16 Signal Booster & Battery Bracket Holder?

    Hi just curious to know whether or not anyone knows of anywhere that makes any sort of bracket for the ST-16 that is used for holding signal boosters & a battery on it. Similar to the ones that MaxxUav makes for other Manufacturers drone transmitters. Thank You Tom C.
  6. T

    Need Help locating upgrades cuz in a Time Crunch.….

    Hi everyone each year I go to Arizona over Thanksgiving cuz family their. But this year I'm scheduled to leave on the 16th to fly down & I'm really wanting to be able to find the new Itelite DBS05.6B before then so I can have time to set it all up & possibly try it before leaving & taking it...
  7. S

    Installing FPVLR Basic Antenna Kit

    Hi guys! So I got my antennae in and took my ST10+ on a two hour drive to have it installed by a "professional". I got home and tested it and got less than 200 feet of range before video cut out. Needless to say, I was pissed. I opened up the ST10+ (terrifyingly) and examined the "job" that...
  8. Ian Palmer

    FPVLR longe-range antenna for ST16


    Video - How to get an extra 2000 foot flight range on the Typhoon H

    In this video I use a very old home made method of increasing the flight range of the Typhoon H. I have the latest firmware update installed. Warning... Do not try this without having a full battery. Also, please check with your spouse before you destroy a full carton of eggs. :)
  10. m1llipede

    Video stops recording/loss of signal

    I've been having 2 big issues lately which I hope anyone here can shed some light on. Both may be related. #1 Video signal loss: Video signal feed seems to freeze quite a bit since the latest firmware update. It seems to play catch up then work fine, then have a freezing/buffering type effect...
  11. Sage I

    FPVLR Antenna

    Have tried out the new antennas a few times, and I haven't had much luck. I start lagging and losing feed anywhere between 900ft-1500ft. Always pointed in the right direction, double check that I have them on the right connections, super clear weather, lots of satellite, I can't think of...
  12. Chris McMillan

    Is there an ideal ST16 antenna angle?

    I've seen quite a few vids on the H, and each time the position of the stock antennas seems a different angle..... Anyone out there with some feed back (Yuneec!)? Most seem to keep the 2 antennas vertical from the ground...
  13. Renshi

    Aftermarket antennae comparisons?

    I find that in a completely open area the H has decent range. However if there are tall trees or other objects around that range decreases quite a bit. So I have seen several videos of different aftermarket antennae being used with the H but is there any comparison out there yet showing which is...
  14. D

    Replace stock wifi antenna

    Hi, I've got this wifi antenna : TP-Link TL-ANT2408CL Antenne WiFi d'intérieur omnidirectionnelle gain de 8dBi:Amazon.fr:Informatique Is it a good idea to test with this one ? (I already got it) How many db have stock antenna? Thank you