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  1. dondec

    Alternate ST16 antenna, whats it for

    My new H came with the 3 antenna version ST16, the short fat antenna in the middle. But in the box was I guess I replacement for the middle one that's flat and rectangular. What's that for? Is that just a different style? Thanks Don
  2. A

    St16 Receiver Issues

    Recently I purchased the Itelite DBS antenna range extender to ensure stronger connections in urban areas. Extender...
  3. T

    ST-16 Signal Booster & Battery Bracket Holder?

    Hi just curious to know whether or not anyone knows of anywhere that makes any sort of bracket for the ST-16 that is used for holding signal boosters & a battery on it. Similar to the ones that MaxxUav makes for other Manufacturers drone transmitters. Thank You Tom C.
  4. T

    Need Help locating upgrades cuz in a Time Crunch.….

    Hi everyone each year I go to Arizona over Thanksgiving cuz family their. But this year I'm scheduled to leave on the 16th to fly down & I'm really wanting to be able to find the new Itelite DBS05.6B before then so I can have time to set it all up & possibly try it before leaving & taking it...
  5. S

    Installing FPVLR Basic Antenna Kit

    Hi guys! So I got my antennae in and took my ST10+ on a two hour drive to have it installed by a "professional". I got home and tested it and got less than 200 feet of range before video cut out. Needless to say, I was pissed. I opened up the ST10+ (terrifyingly) and examined the "job" that...
  6. Ian Palmer

    FPVLR longe-range antenna for ST16


    Video - How to get an extra 2000 foot flight range on the Typhoon H

    In this video I use a very old home made method of increasing the flight range of the Typhoon H. I have the latest firmware update installed. Warning... Do not try this without having a full battery. Also, please check with your spouse before you destroy a full carton of eggs. :)
  8. m1llipede

    Video stops recording/loss of signal

    I've been having 2 big issues lately which I hope anyone here can shed some light on. Both may be related. #1 Video signal loss: Video signal feed seems to freeze quite a bit since the latest firmware update. It seems to play catch up then work fine, then have a freezing/buffering type effect...
  9. Sage I

    FPVLR Antenna

    Have tried out the new antennas a few times, and I haven't had much luck. I start lagging and losing feed anywhere between 900ft-1500ft. Always pointed in the right direction, double check that I have them on the right connections, super clear weather, lots of satellite, I can't think of...
  10. Chris McMillan

    Is there an ideal ST16 antenna angle?

    I've seen quite a few vids on the H, and each time the position of the stock antennas seems a different angle..... Anyone out there with some feed back (Yuneec!)? Most seem to keep the 2 antennas vertical from the ground...
  11. Renshi

    Aftermarket antennae comparisons?

    I find that in a completely open area the H has decent range. However if there are tall trees or other objects around that range decreases quite a bit. So I have seen several videos of different aftermarket antennae being used with the H but is there any comparison out there yet showing which is...
  12. D

    Replace stock wifi antenna

    Hi, I've got this wifi antenna : TP-Link TL-ANT2408CL Antenne WiFi d'intérieur omnidirectionnelle gain de 8dBi:Amazon.fr:Informatique Is it a good idea to test with this one ? (I already got it) How many db have stock antenna? Thank you