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  1. Capt. Overview

    8050mah battery for Yuneec H

    Anyone given this battery a go yet for the H? That's a lot of CLAIMED capacity. $92 on Amazon. Says it uses original charger. Anyone know what the stock battery weighs? Maker says this is 650g. Says the shipping weight is 650lbs so might be expensive to ship ;o) 8050mah 4S, 14.8V LiPO Battery...
  2. skarz

    Anyone here repair batteries?

    So far I've had two batteries mysteriously fall below the minimum voltage and now they're paperweights. With batteries becoming scarce, is there anyone on here willing to repair my batteries if I ship them?
  3. Brenakie

    Venom Pro Duo Charger Settings for the Q

    Hi all, Watched a few videos and read a few articles, the more I watched and read the more overloaded I got :confused: Looking for a little advice, wondering what your LiPo settings are? I'm running 2 different batteries: 1) 5400mAh/11.1V/59.9Wh 2) 6300mAh/11.1V/70Wh Right now I'm defaulted...
  4. klattu

    Battery News

    MaximalPower 8050mAh...anyone try these yet ? Advertises 30 minute flight times...I'd be happy with anything over a true 20 minutes. Was temped to order the Venom 6700mAh, then found these.
  5. K

    Battery Problems & Unknown Error Code

    Hey- I've been having mild luck with the steady grip so far. Was out in New Orleans a few weeks back filming B-roll with the steady grip, which worked fine for about the first 15 mins of use. Then the app started randomly disconnecting, giving connection errors, and finally would only connect...
  6. Dracudrone

    Battery issue needs to be resolved

    I'm not tech expert, work M-F, and when off just want to be able to enjoy $800.00 plus drone. Yuneec needs to fix this battery issue, instead of putting burden on us consumers, who purchased drone or drones. Just came from 'Best Buy' store and they're completely sold out, all stores in city...
  7. J

    New Typhoon H User

    I just got my H for Prime Day (steal of a deal) but I have a few questions out of the shoot: I've had this massive battleship of a controller plugged in for an hour and the battery indicator hasn't moved. I'm guessing it's going to take a while? How long does it take the batteries to charge? I...
  8. G

    Duration of Tornado H920 Plus flight time

    Hi, I bought a Tornado H920 Plus I'm very disappointed with flying times far below the 24 minutes advertised by Yuneec. With three batteries the flight time is only 9 minutes and with two batteries the flight time is 12 minutes after which I get the low battery message. Yuneec told me it's just...
  9. Mario Rivera

    Level of puff

    Hello. Wonder if theres an acceptable level of puff in a battery to be safe to fly. I bought one in May 4th and it got puffed after one charge (and not overly discharge). If somebody can help me with this will be great. Check out one of my videos.
  10. Dispatchdog

    Charging Batteries

    Hi all, Does anyone have any information regarding charging the Tattu 4000mAh batteries for the 920 using the Yuneec charging hub. Thanks, Steve
  11. Flying-Potato

    2x Batteries - YUN500105 - Q500

    Hi, Im selling these brand new, never been used flight batteries for the Q500 - YUN500105. I have mistakenly purchased these batteries and It is still it its retail packaging. Current Cycles = 0 (Both Batteries) Current Voltage = 11.5v (Both Batteries) Price for one battery is $110.00 CAD I...
  12. Robert007

    typhoon h batteries

    I am trying to locate some inexpensive typhoon h batteries online, less than $ 75.00 , anyone have any website,s to try ?
  13. K

    Fast Charging Typhoon H batteries

    Hello All I am looking to get a better charger for my Typhoon H batteries, replacing the one that comes with the UAS. Yuneec UK sell this (a fast charger): Chargers and Batteries : Dual Battery Fast-Charge Station for Typhoon H However, I have seen other discussions that say that fast...
  14. M

    ST16 not charging

    I put ST16 on charge last night ready for my day off flying today. It was at 55% last night and its at 55% this morning. I have this morning tried 3 different USB leads, charging from the Yuneec charger, laptop and the powerful Anker power bank I use in the field, nothing charges the ST16. Any...
  15. K

    Battery Landing Voltages vs Votlage Test readings

    Hello All I am new to the LiPo battery and the Typhoon H, so your wisdom would be gratfully recieved. After looking a wide range of threads, I generally aim to land my UAS at 14.7v (displayed on the ST16). With the exception of a low battery test. At present I am getting about 15mins flight...
  16. K

    Battery or Charger Problems

    Hi All I am new to the Typhoon and I am concerned that I may have a battery problem. Nor am I an electrical engineer! So any help from those of you with far greater experience than me would be great. I have 3 batteries and after a flight a few days ago whenever I put them in the charger I...
  17. Tiburon

    Battery lifetime

    Dear All, Happy new year to everyone! I've read that the battery lifetime is limited and lasts about 100 cycles. What happens then? Will it fail suddenly so the typhoon falls out of the air or do we just notice shorter flight times? Is there a way to check the power supply? Thank you...
  18. Merlin

    Battery Storage - How long is too long?

    Hi, I've spend quite some time trawling through the forums trying to get a better understanding of Lithium Polymer batteries. I now have a good idea of the ideal storage voltage and storage temperatures but how long before a flight is it OK to charge them up? I like to be ready well in advance...
  19. Merlin

    Battery storage voltage.

    Are there any tips out there on how to get the Typhoon H batteries to their storage voltage using the supplied charger? Say, land at first warning and then charge for 15 minutes.. Or charge for x minutes for each 10th if a volt below the storage voltage when you land?
  20. chiloschista

    Batteries capacity and low voltage behaviour

    Hi ensemble, after a very long flight, where I discharged the battery to about 13.8V I noticed the charger did charge 6300mAh. So what? I did a full discharge cycle then and discharged the battery at 1.5A down to 3.3V/cell. Guess what? I got 6449mAh! Ok it was a discharge at very low C...