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breeze 4k

  1. F

    Height limit 20m

    I set my high to 80m but just before take of i get notivied that myt max height is 20m while it is still 80m in settings
  2. F

    Breeze cam flight logs

    So I was working on flight visualization software, that would recreate flights in digital 3D space and as data input I am taking flight logs that I have taken from my breeze drone. It has a lot of information, which is great, but one of the three most crucial ones, the height is missing, I am...
  3. R

    Breeze Camera not recording

    First day flying my Breeze, and have so far record 3 videos in Pilot mode. I switched to Journey model however and now the camera isn't recording. I'm just wondering do you have to click a button to record, or will the drone always record. I can't see a button for record on the app, only...
  4. W

    [SOLVED] Breeze firmware : UPGRADE button won’t do anything

    Hi all, I have had my breeze for sometime now, and today I turned it on for a message to upgrade my firmware. No problem as I thought as I’ve done this several times now. So I followed the usual steps, connect to the internet, download the firmware, then reconnect to the breeze WiFi. Then I see...
  5. S

    can't see wifi hotspot yuneec breeze 4k

    Hello guys, i've got a breeze 4k from usa i wasnt able to see breeze hotspot. after reading a lot on this forum i change the firmware to the famous "firmware.bin" every think was great for the first flight, after first flight the "Breeze cam" ask me to update firmware to breeze_V0.1.47_F i...
  6. T

    Breeze 4k fps

    Hi I am currently thinking about purchasing a breeze 4k though there is mixed info on websites and was hoping to resolve it on here as yuneec hasnt gotten back to me. But my main question is does the breeze 4k shoot 720 120fps? I'd just mainly like to know because I'd like to fly it at work and...
  7. R

    iOS iPhone 7plus

    so I bought the breeze & have tried to see where the stream live option is at but I can’t find it. I have everything up to date and seen countless videos but to no avail. Anyone have any idea how I can get it to update to that version?
  8. C

    Breeze at 14,500 ft?

    Hi I'm taking a team up a big mountain and wanted to haul my breeze 4k with me for the hero or it shot on the summit. Will the breeze have enough power to do it? My plan is to have the battery close to my body for warmth prior to launch, get the orbit settings dialed, and takeoff/film...
  9. K

    New Breeze flyer in NWA

    Hey, guys! I got a Breeze a few weeks ago and started learning to fly it. Unfortunately, I had a fly-away and wrecked it. So I bought another, this one with a hand-held controller. I'm taking it easy this time. Hope to get into commercial work in the next year or so. ~John
  10. O

    Breeze is very slow without GPS?

    hey all just was wondering if anyone has the same issue with there breeze flying incredibly slow when gps is disabled? and if it is possible how i can change that?
  11. R

    motor stall after crashing

    my breeze drone motor stall after crashing , i replaced the motor and did reset as well but non of them didnt work. can anybody help me?
  12. Alex-Aldridge

    Breeze 4k weight lifting?

    How much extra weight can a Breeze 4k lift? Would any sensors be effected by something hanging below the drone during flight?
  13. C

    Wifi problem. Help!!!Please

    So can anyone please tell me how to get my LG.ARISTO to connect to the BREEZE4k drone wifi. Please. Or is there a link i can download to my phone/Breeze.
  14. M

    Breeze Controller

    Hi, Have an issue with the controller. If i press R2 for the help menu it appears. If i press R2 it goes away but when i let go of R2 the help menu for the controller buttons is displayed again. How do i get back to camera? Is it a faulty controller? It was used like new from amazon so will...
  15. K

    Can't get breeze to connect

    Can't get my breeze to connect to the wifi on my Samsung galaxy S7, can anyone help me out please
  16. A

    Operating range and WiFi issues

    I want to see the impact of different versions of the breezeCamApp in different versions of firmware in my breeze. Setting is a sony XperiaZ C6603 with android Lollipop 5.1.1. Firmware in the breeze is FCV 1.1.3 ESC 1.0.3 and CAM 1.0.0. Flight is controlled with the original gamesir controller...
  17. P

    Landing Gear Wires

    Hey All, So I've had my breeze for about a month now and hope to use it in our travel videos we produce soon. My question is, What are the wires that lead into the landing gear for? When testing the indoor flight mode something happened with the wifi signal and i was unable to stop the...
  18. L

    Days out with the Breeze

    I sold my Phantom because it was too big to throw in a bag a record days out and events with family. The Breeze will never be a tool for cinematic videos, but it's perfect for family time. Here's two little films I made with it and my iPhone.
  19. A

    Follow Me does Not Work Says Yuneec Rep. Germany

    Hello fellow breezers, This morning I phoned Yuneec Germany asking them about the follow me mode not functioning. Frankly and in plain words the person on the phone admitted that it is a known fault in the app both the IOS and Android versions. This fault has nothing to do with the firmware in...
  20. A

    Breeze in orbit

    One of my first videos. I wonder what youtube did to the former vibrant colours.